Thursday, August 26, 2010

Judge Karla Kerlin is a corrupt and evil judge

Karla Kerlin is a very guilty co-conspirator in case 8CA10541, and then the barbaric competency ploy instigated by parties who will be named.
. Judge Karla Kerlin caused 8 needless and illegal strip searches, 31 days of coercive confinement. Jude Karla Kerlin has allowed and very much participated in the vicious abuse of Henya Spitzberg. Henya Spitzberg is the best the world offers and she is a sickly Holocaust survivor. TShe doesn't have to go through this because some "goal oriented" showgirl wants to move up in the world.
. Karla Kerlin must make amends to the Spitzberg family. Her immuntiy doesn't go that far. 
What really happened at that sidebar? Look closely at the minutes for Kerlin's session. Look how blatant and shameless the lies are.
IS she having the  clerk fudge the minutes for her? Yes she is.
What does she write on the notes that would have some clerk write that all parties announced ready on the motions? Where there every motions set to be heard that day. What did her crony Robert Vanderet Say in a later proceeding. Coming up. was this matter ever returned to Dept 40 . What did Karla Kerlin write on a motion as an order to Judge Vanderet.? Look how she prevaricates and look how she conspires. Then all those ex partes openly with Boags. What a friggin smiling monster. What ever happened to the Report reinstating the proceedings from Jessner's court. Why isn't that in the file. Why is their no transfer signed by Kerlin in the file as said by Robert Vanderet. They figured the ploys would work and I'd never be heard from again.

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