Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Judge Karlin Kerlin never invites me to her ex partes

Strange searches. Strange days. Strange friends and bedfellows and even stranger foes. Strange considerations,  and strange conclusions based on strange  premises.

I like that someone is looking up Judge Samantha Jessner. She is a very reprehensible and indeed does belong on a los angeles bench( in the worst possible  heat wave ) moreso than on a judge's chair in an Alhambra courthouse(Where I think they send her to do more dirtywork. I can only pray she's been shamed and that Alhambra is a demotion. ) I wouldn't be surprised if it was a promotion for her dirty deeds.  I see that Gregozek has been elevated from a Tig Notaro to a Kim Kardashian and now a Jennifer Aniston. That is some skyrocketing career there, Gregozek,  you ..... bastard.

But, they are  not alone when it comes to  being shamelessly evil public servants. Shamelessly evil might seem like  some strong words,  but after being raped and molested by these smug awful characters --for longer than two years now....why bother hiding one's DISGUST.

I'm the one left to organize and expose the travesty, and I resent it. Today I figure it'll be presented so the worst trespasses go first.

So I'm throwing an ex parte party on behalf of all the judges in my case this week.

First guest of honor. Pun not intended but whatever...

  Judge Karla Kerlin.

Of note to those who don't know the rules, canons, ABA stuff:

  The stunning and justice seeking, Bernadette Everman, is pretending to be my  lawyer on October 22nd 2009, and so she should be there . End of story. Karla  Kerlin and Martin  Boags are co-conspirators, without a doubt ,and there can be no excuse for this ex parte. This is one out of many(coming up)

This is even worse. Bernadette Everman or any Public Defender is not even paid to pretend to be my lawyer. But, Jamie E. Silverstien is being paid 10 thousand dollars to pretend  to be my lawyer.  On November 23rd 2009 while I'm being jailed, without charges, and not because of the phony bench warrant but because now suddenly the pernicious villian, Judge Maria Stratton, is saying my charges are "serious and signficant."   So serious and signficant that informal diversion is the plea I'm offered if I just go AWAY!!!!!!! I'd guess either she's lying for the worst reasons or she has been lied to like crazy and should be very upset with Boags and Vagnozzi et al for putting her in this position.  Judge Craig Richman might have been lied to too, and Judge Villar, possibly,  and Samantha Jessner too. But, with Jessner you'd have to think otherwise as what she was asked to do was the most hardcore. But,  Judge Karla Kerlin, it is clear, is a conspirator of the criminal kind. She knows that Martin Boags is lying all about the sidebar, and she doesn't care. She is in his pocket or visa versa. He unbenched his father and let's hope she's next.
I think all good Americans should be warned.Judge Karla Kerlin . After what she did to me at that sidebar she kept being "goal oriented' and wanted to seal the deal. What a monster.
Of course I'm making a non appearance. All proceedings were adjourned ,and no one has been notified that  Judge Karla Kerlin and Martin  Boags would be meeting to discuss my case.   Why in god's name would they be discussing my case ex parte so openly once again??? Because they are arrogant vicious slugs with no regard for the law. Before they even tried to keep it up to inference. I had to figure out that there was no way all these hearings and meetings could have gone on without ex parte but now they don't even bother to pretend.  

The other ex parte shows that they knew I was being coercively confined ,due to their conspiracy ,and it even can show that this was a plotting session. Oh, I know that sounds wierd ,but they know it's true and I know it's true and that will have to do.

For those who might be frightened by the three misdemeanor charges: It turns out that the two they put on March 23rd 2009 were put ons. They were never legally added and that was a sham. Still no one did anything to stop that, and it took Judge Moore to dismiss those with prejudice against the prosecution a year later. The first charge was also a sham but in a different way. They did manage to add that in a semi legal way. But that charge too was dismissed with prejudice a year later. This is how the police report appears in my case(I'll post the real one soon)

Evidence: None.
Pictures: None

Gregozek will swear to that.

Here's more evidence of Kerlin's venality : Look how she knows beforehand and is telling her crony ,Judge Robert Vanderet, that He must order me to Divivions 95 on an a specific date (october 16th 2009). For anyone who knows the case he was supposed to appoint counsel after another crony, Judge Samantha Jessner, messed up and let me name the date(after waxler and kalpakian had insisted it be august 27 at that illegal ex parte) and then forgot to appoint counsel and then wanted it to go away from her perch in 52,  and Boags wouldn't let her.  So, the pro tem, in court on September 3 2009 is not allowed to be on this (as no one has stipulated to this) and a stipulation is neccessary for a pro tem. Anyway, we can easily surmise that this Pro tem smelt the fishiness and just wanted case 8CA10541 the hell away from him.  Otherwise he could have just appointed  Bernadette Everman there and then. Why the whole fiasco with going back to Kerlin and then Kerlin having to commit more treason and then getting Vanderet involved. And, Alissa M was only there by accident that day. Why was I having a hearing in front of Vanderet without counsel if what Boag's motion  was saying  was correct. 

Alissa M was only there because I asked Robin G for a witness.  What would have happened if she didn't come or wasnt there????? Why wouldn't Judge Karla Kerlin just appoint a PD right in Division 40? Why send it to Vanderet's empty court?  Why would Alissa M be appointed to tell Stratton I'm just fine ,and then leave me at the mercy of Everman- who then claims she knew nothing of my case till the moment she sends me ,without a lawyer, to be  emotionally raped some more by Dr. Francisco Velarde? Why would Kerlin tell Vanderet to order me to that court without knowing who my PD would be and if they were able to make it?  ? Is that how Judges set dates? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why does she pretend she is sending me to Vanderet to hear my motions. So, I go like a lamb, and stop leaving all this great stuff on the record(see all transcripts.) The prosecution  and Judges, obviously,  expect total apathy from most PD's, but good to know ,that they don't seem to count on them to just join in at a moment's notice.

There are actually another 40 questions(and answers) that I am keeping to myself involving just this date alone.  Conspiracies are really messy.  Best not to mess with them . I had no choice --but they did.

Why would Karla Kerlin order Vanderet to order me to be in 95 on October 16th 2009? This is not the cover of the copy of the motion I recieved on October 1st 2009, in the evening, from that POS Martin Boags.  I got one without a smoking gun on it. Conspirators get sloppy and there you are.

Is there such a motion? Penal code compliance? I doubt it but then Vanderet will say that this motion was meaningless.
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