Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zona, Sharma and Lane- Medical Entepeneures or entremanures who cares

Every day I despise another villian. Today, I particularly despise John Gregozek, and Hunter Seidman.

Hunter Seidman's twitter.
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Hunter Seidman


Chatroulette is the/my new jdate. Feeling optimistic. 170 days ago reply
hunterseidman Are you there God? It's me, Hunter. 190 days ago reply
hunterseidman you can never have a bad hair day - even in this weather - when you have no hair. looking good. 197 days ago reply
hunterseidman just imagine how many more broads i'll pull, now that i can introduce myself to them as a hollywood manager instead of an intern. 233 days ago reply
hunterseidman i wanna email you a muffin. 234 days ago reply

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Then he was canned. I'd love to know why.
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