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Notaro vs. Spitzberg- Did Tom Sharpe, Chris Fairbanks or Kjell live with her then or ever and if not what the hell is wrong with Tig Notaro?

This Week I'll try to find out about Kjell Bjorgen.


From the fallacious and suspicious  appeals decision - Judges Mallano, Rothschild, and Johnston

"Defendant Alisa Spitzberg appeals from a three-year restraining order under Code of Civil Procedure section 527.6, enjoining her from harassing plaintiff Mathilde Notaro and three friends who lived with Notaro.[ 1 ] 

The petition, supported by Notaro's declaration, sought protection for Notaro and three friends who lived with her. 

The judge responded, "That's fine," and then proceeded to make his ruling, granting the restraining order preventing Spitzberg from harassing Notaro and three friends who lived with her for three years.

Does Mathilde Notaro AKA Tig(self nicknamed) Notaro live with these boys and if we prove that she doesn't should that concern the "court" ? Yes, it should. But, the "courts" in this case is crooked, and justice means nothing to them.  I never harrassed Notaro. In fact, it is clear after two years that Notaro has stalked and harrassed me with repeated false police reports and other severe forms of harrasment. There is ample evidence that one of her main co-conspirators is Stephanie Willen AKA Stef(yuck-also nicknames herself) Willen, and that they should be prosecuted for he virulent hoax they pulled. Unfortunately, they engaged a bunch of corrupt  conscienceless dummies .... and too much resulted.

1. Why does this court not mention the names of these three friends. and why does this court not call them roommates? Why would they ever assume they are "friends" when no mention regarding anything about them  to found in the file other than  them listed on forms- under "roommates"
2. Is there anything in the declaration of Notaro or the transcript or any future statements by Mathilde Notaro( and there are many- but not to the Threat Management) about them being "Freinds." It will just say on a form that Thomas Sharpe, Christopher Fairbanks, and Kjell Bjorgen must be protected as they are her roommates. This appellate court should be wondering why when there is no evidence of them or anyone ever going to Notaro's lair. This appeals court are bought off by the Rosenberg or the Singers or something equally unkosher. Why don't they just say the names and call them her roommates or call her to task for lying.

 3. Which begs the question( A  million begged questions in this case) why doesn't this John Gregozek or the other supposedly involved members of this supposedly elite threat management unit of the LAPD ever hand over one interview with this Tig Notaro, over the two years, that they are saddled with her. Why doesn't Waxler ever interview Notaro or ever try to enforce the Subpeaona that Tit Notaro is avoiding?

4. Why does Boags wait till December 16 2009(a year and 4 months after the charge was brought) to get this Tit Notaro  to yammer on (and sink herself some more) We know she is stupid as well as sick, and that she loves to talk talk talk and lie lie lie. She even will give 5 pages to the adversarial side if given a chance.  But, no this TMU knows she's a liar and  Jennifer Waxler is smart enough to know she' s got a liar on her hands. Boags is the only really really stupid one. They are all evil but he is both evil and very stupid.  Willen too isn't interviewed ever by any of them, but Boags and  Kathleen Ford, city attorneys and human disasters.
 I bet meanie mouse had garbagefuls of exculpatory evidence. If she was willing to lie non stop on that trial brief ,and then to a jury inside and outside the courtroom,  than she is capable of anything.

5. What was Mathilde Notaro's declaration and can I show it was pure perjury. Oh god, yes. But I'll do that in the next post.

Let's start with Tom Sharpe, former LA CityBeat writer and alleged comedian: Did he live with her then? Did he ever live with her?

Answer: No

How do I know? Because this was listed on CityBeat and Gregozek and co. certaintly didn't try to find out who Hogre was.  Tom Sharpe is a blowhard and strikes me from this as a fool- but I never met him nor has he met me,  so I could be wrong. I never saw his comedy but from this I wouldn't want to .

In response to “Hogre” saying “great article about your roommate on citybeat LA website. Mr. Sharpe writes flattering piece about notaro. Someone writes “ great article about your roommate.

Tom Sharpe responds: 
There is an insinuation in your comment. Allow me to clarify:
Tig and I have performed in several shows together and I consider her a friend. While we've exchanged the occasional email and phone call, I haven't seen her in person in over 10 months. We have never been roommates. There was some talk a number of months ago about a group of comics renting a house together-- I was one of those comics. While Tig and a couple of other comics( Not tom or chris or kjell )  did move forward with that plan, I've never even set foot in the place. Curious to know how you could possibly have heard about any of this, or where you got your erroneous information that I was currently her roommate.


posted by tomsharpe on 10/10/08 @ 12:34 a.m.
Your comments and my initial response may have been inadvertently removed along with some targeted comments, which were removed due to their similarity to a glut of comments left on Tig's videos and website and in emails over the past year by a stalker. This person has been court ordered to refrain from all contact with Tig. This is a painful situation and it's truly unfortunate it has to come up here-- I hope that you find it in your heart to understand the circumstances under which you now feel slighted. And I hope that you will refrain from reposting those inappropriate comments as you did above, without waiting for a response.
Again, I am not Tig's roomate. But, I would call her a friend. I have not spoken to her face to face in over 10 months, although we have communicated occasionally by phone and email. As you can see in the interview, I indicated in the question regarding the crackpot tour that I have collaborated with Tig in the past. I was contacted by Tig a number of months ago when she learned that I might have been looking for a place. She and two other comics were concurrently looking for a 4th roommate in a houseful of comedians. I did not move in with them.

posted by tomsharpe on 10/10/08 @ 09:13 p.m

So that is resolved and it is later reconfirmed that Sharpe never lived with Notaro. But, Notaro will maintain on February 10th 2009 that she lives with  Chris Fairbanks 

  The terrible lawyer, Allison Sievers, allows her rabid client to talk to the investigator to the PD. One imagines that Notaro has been avoiding too many interviewers and supbpeanas and Allison Siever is thinking she can't get away with this forever so she lets nutso Tig talk. One can imagine that at this point Allison Sievers has done so much to lose her bar license that she has begun to loathe this maniac already and so lets her just sink herself or she knows that with a PD no one will call her client to any task or Sievers is just a drowning rat who knows the system and knows truth has nothing to do with anything.

So this is what Notaro says to the Investigator to the PD, unsolicited.
Approximately  3 months ago Alisa approached a roommate of hers while she again was at El Cids. Once again Notaro said that Alisa walked up to her roommate, named Chris Fairbanks,and told him to tell her to drop the restraining order. She told me that Chris Fairbanks is a comedian as well as one of her roommates.


It becomes irrelevant if I ever spoke to Fairbanks. I can say that I know he didn't live with her and doesn't live with her and that again she is lying for no good reason.

Her newer lies to the Investigator do  however BEGGGGGGGG more  question. Why would the city attorneys and John Gregozek not use this instead of those obviously fake facebook charges.
Those bogus facebook charges , and all the illegal search warrants, that led them to no link and the tossing of  those in front of a jury.
  Those charges would never have been brought or allowed to stand if evil after evil didn't stop unit  the bitter end.  In fact Kelly Boyer filed those charges and then then they went ... hiding.  t. Only I noticed that it said " Kelly Boyer added 4 charges" . Of course they ommitted any date but later documents show that she added such charges on January 27th of 2009. 
2 months later the "ladies' were forced to add two. No one ever asked why two now, why four filed without any evidence?" What the hell is wrong with Kelly Boye,r and Gregozek and Bernie Brown( Boyer et al's supervisor.) What is wrong with that office and this Threat Management Unit? How were they able to get aways so scot free after just an obvious show of bad faith and corruption
Judge Moore  must have been nauseated at the PD's office, and those private lawyers, and of course this Gregozek ,and all those city attorneys and  prior judges who allowed this case to live and prosper for so long when the most minimal duty of care would have gotten an immediate dismissal. 

(Notaro then goes on to say how I "ran into Martha Kelly' which was not shown at trial. The trial was a failed railroading, really.   They flew in all the uglies,  and they tried absolutely everything possible, and they still lost.
It  was in no way a fair or even decent trial, and so I'm forced to find real  justice on my own.  
Mathilde Notaro used words such as "targeted"  and "harrassed"  Martha Kelly  in her singular e-mail contact with city attorney ramirez on November 5th 2008( when she is trying to get out of being supbpeona'd.) Waxler either threw away Notaro's sociopathic ramblings or just counted on everyone pleaing, as a rule. Willen was never interviewed - could be because Waxler, though not bright, wasn't as stupid to think that any jury would buy Willen's stories or the bullshit motives the rogue cop Gregozek was inventing to please Marty Singer.

If anyone wants to read Tom Sharpe's treatise here is the rest.

As a standup comedian active in the Los Angeles scene for well over a decade, I am on friendly terms with hundreds of comedians. I hope that the concern you've voiced really does regard journalistic integrity as opposed to a personal vendetta and that this will answer your question. My relationships with comedians-- and many of the comics who are most newsworthy in Los Angeles are also my friends-- will have it's pros and cons when I write about comedy. I've learned so much about the inner workings of comedy due to my experience working alongside these comics, interacting with them professionally and socially, and I think this experience qualifies me as an expert as to who is at the top of their comedy game, advancing the craft of standup and making a difference in the Los Angeles and national scene. But I acknowledge it is possible that my friendships might color some objectivity. I keep this in mind and I look to radio for a parallel: I feel that if Steve Jones can do a consistently good radio show, maybe I can somehow pull off an occasional article about comedy. My motivation is this: introduce the Los Angeles public to some truly excellent comedy in the city, and in the process, get paid a few dollars to do it.
I hope this answers your questions.

It goes on and on, actually.

He now goes on about how he loves comics and comedians and comedy and knows everybody and everyone. Then he gets  web person or he manages to remove everything written about this But hogre is tough . Tom Sharpe is now not looking like a good journalist-- so he starts babbling about his not roommates false allegations and basically just playing dirty to save himself.

I guess he's been caught not disclosing that he is her "friend" and so he's in a lather.  His Editor at the time will soon confirm that he lives in Iowa and therefore not with Notaro.

I heard from liars that Thome Sharpe is sick with Lyme disease. From what I've seen from his censorship, lack of journalist ethics, and his dishonesty and slander, Tom sharpe seems like a dishonest shmuck and a kiss ass phony and I don't wish him well.

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