Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scott Boxenbaum youtube flop and stinky tortfeasors

Scott Boxenbaum is  the  big search item on my stupid  blog.

I wonder if that complete piece of crap understands the gravity of his actions, and how they will affect him for a very long time.

For those who wonder what he did-- I'll just tell it in a nutshell version because it's so ugly and I don't need to be traumatized any more.

Scott Boxenbaum, for no reason, and it can only be presumed to fit in or make friends with those he saw as more successful, viciously and very willingly went on comedy message boards to defame me in the most ugly ways imaginable. This old bitch is way over 40, and yet most 10 year olds would never do or tolerate what he did. I have never  done a thing to him nor did I even know who he was.  I later realized he bummed a cigarette off me one night and did so after he did what he did. He's earns such a special place and I focus on him more than the ones below because he was the most active and the most anxious. He literally was foaming at the mouth at the thought of using my misfortune to his benefit. I have all the documents and everyone who has seen it just thinks That Scott Boxebaum is one sick sad piece of shit.

Katie Ford brought his name up at trial- in what one would assume was some attempt to have me show anger. But, she was so wrong.  I have no anger or care or anything for him. I am only angry at the existence of such human crap and how they spoil life so often for good people.

I get overcome with such a sense of WHY would any higher power create such a useless diseased imbeciles such as Reeta Piazza or Scott Boxenbaum. The same with Tig Notaro, and all of the most egregoius tortfeasors, really. It's this universal spiritual disgust and  it's seperate from the anger you get from loss of trust or hurt feelings.

  It's a deep existenial sigh type of thing . The rotten egg, Katie Ford, City Attorney, did what her

 Anyhow, so that's why Scott Boxenbaum sometimes crops up on my blog.
Actually, as an FYI- I would never name anyone on my blog who is not a stone cold sociopath. Someone who has hurt me and my family, for no good reason, in major major ways.

I would never name anyone but those who are inexusable.
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