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Profiles in Discouragement- Jennifer Waxler los angeles city attorney

Hmmm. My trusty stat counter says that someone in Los Angeles is looking up, amongst other mega tortfeasors-  Jennifer Waxler city attorney.

It could be that ultra tortfeasor herself or it could be one of her victims trying to find solace or it could be some legal watchdog group concerned about the constant complaints about such an awful rotten maniac Jennifer Abrahms Waxler. Sadly, the latter is the least probable -legal watchdogs are sorely lacking in our legal system.

I do an  intensive ethics check when using someone's real name. I would never defame anyone and so all I say on this blog is the absolute confirmed truth  .  Real names are  used only when the person is a dangerous menace to society. Jennifer Waxler, los angeles city attorney, and failed private lawyer and human being- qualifies like crazy. I also do try to not sound as angry as  I'm entitled to be but when   you consider the barbarity of the crimes Waxler, Katie Ford, Felise Kalpakian, Martin  Boags, Samantha Jessner.... Maria Stratton...Dr. Fransisco Velerde.... when you consider how many more acted so .... inexplicably.... why should I or anything looking at it be anything other than outraged.

So, this is the deal: Jennifer Waxler is a danger to herself and others. She is clearly a danger to others in that she is willing to steal their liberty (and anything else she can) to satisfy her base ambitions. She is a danger to herself because she is incompetent,  and I'd guess that when one is dead set on being a conspirator and a con artist - they better not mess up so badly at every turn. 

Jennifer Waxler was an assigned prosecutor in my case-
My case is now going on three years but I'll give you a tiny idea

My case: It starts with a mentally ill  and deranged pathological liar (with the deeply lame name of Tig Notaro) set out to destroy me with the help of her obsessed freak and slave and fellow pathological liar, Stef Willen.  I couldn't have known about their  allegiance and that Stef Willen saw me as a convenient pawn in her quest to get back in the good graces of a hideous sociopath whose birth name is Mathilde Notaro.

So, these two deeply disturbed ladies, Stef Willen and Mathilde Notaro,  were having their fun and they hatched plans that included a fraudulent restraining order and then an attempt to criminalize the order when Mathilde Notaro was sued for the clearcut defamation and frauds she was blithely spreading. Stef Willen benefited the most . She got her life back. I am told Tig was her whole life. She must have been overjoyed when she realized that she not only got back this tig thing but that she now was getting trips and jobs too.

I was now  at the mercy  of very grubby antisocial personalities, and then those grubs  began to include scary and twisted  clowns like Micheal Grifee, Reeta Piazza,  and Judge Gerald Rosenberg .... then the clowns got scarier..."Detective"John Gregozek and Jennifer Waxler amongst a good forty others when all was said and done. The latter are the scariest yet because they had the power to kill and jail and so Griffee and Reeta Piazza get a pass for the moment.

At the time, I didn't know. I thought  that innocence and truth,  and the obviousness of truth meant something.  I kept trying to appeal to reason and not gettting that reason or logic or decency meant nothing to those  mentioned so far in this post. Enter Waxler.

 So, a near year had gone by where my family and I were being victimized . Jennifer Waxler was assigned sometime in January or February of 2009 . Her reign of error and omission and downright lies and evil lasted from then until the end. Loooooooong Story,  but she was off the case after August 12th 2009.   Sadly she is one of so many who acted  SO OUTRAGEOUSLY during the travesty.  The malicious prosecution started in April of 2008 or August of 2008 depending on how you view it.

I had a lawyer from day one till  March of 2009, I became a pro per or my own lawyer out of sheer necessity. Understandably, I had enough of this probable cause free prosecution and the harrassaments of this armed con artist, John Gregozek. I needed to stop it and I was told and warned that the PD wouldn't do anything. Without money for a private lawyer I was forced, after 8 months of this NONSENSE to go pro per.
So, I was for a very short time in March of 2009 to be my own lawyer.  In fact the two times I was pro per war marked by severe harassments from Waxler, Boags, Kalpakian etc,  and I immediately had to shell out dough I didn't have in desperation. We'll get to that later.
On March 12th I signed a farretta but oddly no one put it into the computer.
Very shortly after they ironed out the problem where they "forget" to put that fact of the farretta in the computer,  I was free to discuss my case with this city attorney, Jennifer Waxler, and show her my overwhelming evidence. The evidence showed that I was being Nifonged by her predecessors,  and that Tig Notaro and Stef Willen were Crystal Magnums in this case.

I couldn't have known that Jennifer Waxler is a failed private attorney who was canned for incompetence and that  now she was a depraved city attorney notorious in that court for being an unethical devious shrew.

I saw a woman with a jewish name and from New York and I imagined she just was a person with a concsience who wouldn't  actively try to wrongfully prosecute an innocent person.

I was so wrong. I called her and told her material facts and send her emails and files that would show without any reasonable doubt that Tig Notaro and Stef Willen and Gregozek should be prosecuted not me. I might of said that I will sue. Because, indeed I had  to and will but I dont' remember for sure if I told that truth to Waxler.

This must have upset Jennifer Waxler. It didn't upset her because she felt bad that all along this city attorney had no business prosecuting me. She must have been scared by this because what was presented to her  would suggest that she would have an impossibly hard time winning any trial here or getting a plea. She should have felt scared that now that she knew the truth and  continued on with this malicious prosecution - she'd be sued amongst the others.

Before then, March 25th 2009, she could have pleaded obliviousness. But after that she was just another low rent Nifong .  You'd think she's be smart to bail then and there. But, no ... she figured she'd just use the tricks she'd used before. Those probably worked on so many but they just didn't work on me.

So this marble eyed viper goes to court for the pre-trial and decides  to lie in the worst way to the Mayor's sister crony in March and then to the Mayor's sister in July of 2009-
She will pretend to them that I am "threatening her." She fails to mention any detail about the threat-- that maybe I threatened to sue etc.
I have never threatened anyone in my stinking life . It's possible I threatened her with a lawsuit because that was a long overdue truth.  But, she knows and I know that no one threatened her in any way that would impress anyone. 
But this shameless liar, Jennifer Waxler, figures she'll pretend I threatened her in some physical way and she figures  this will serve two purposes:
First, it will bias this judge by reconfirming Notaro's lies,  and second it will dissallow communication and therefore obstruct justice and stall for time. She tells the judge that threat management is involved it's so bad. But, she fails to give one detail and she even acts like she's lying . I'll give Jennifer Waxler credit where it is due- she didn't seem to  enjoy lying and maliciously prosecuting as much as Felise Kalpakian and Martin Boags did. They looked downright aroused by it. And, those who know them or have seen Martin Boags or Felise Kalpakian will find that to be a very nasty nasty image.
Waxler did seem a bit nauseous at times but that didn't stop her from doing the criminally corrupt things she would do on July 9th and August 12 of 2009.

Her ploy on July 29th works. This Mayor's sister simply grants the prosecution  everything, and yet she is not the worst judge  in my saga. She does a world of damage but oddly she won't imediately grant them their wishes at one crucial time in July of 2009. Still, she pretends she believes this Jennifer Waxler monster,  and makes orders on the pretty obviously  false allegations of this Waxler.  I am denied more rights and if this judge is not completely dirty to begin with- she is now biased beyond repair.  My god! Mary Lou must think-  Gregozek is working so hard on this one count misedemeanor case. So grand that such  an Elite Detective unit would work so hard on something so small. She might be swayed to think that there is some beef behind what appears to be a soy mcnugget of a case. Now it is obvious that that was the only trick they had- false light, false impressions- let's bias judges and juries. You can tell that Gregozek et al have a low opinion of judges and juries -think  they are easily fooled. Sadly, he is right. And if not for one judge and one juror he would be completely and tragically correct.
That too is a long story- The involvement of the Mayor's sister and the other judges. I'd bet that,  they all got a   got a text when the one good judge made his rulings and they lost so big at trial.

Back to Jennifer Waxler:
 So now I have a city attorney who is a cruel and unusual liar, on my hands.. They are coming out of the woodwork in the "comedy world" and  the Clara Shortridge Foltz courthouse.

I have to live with these life destroying lies and now they are being told to judges by a public servant such as Jennifer Abrahams Waxler.  Truly, words fail- too disgusting for them.

To be continued... cause I have to run but there is so much more that, Jennifer Waxler, is responsible for.
March 10,11, 12 and 23rd(that's a mind bender!) and  July 9th and August 12th of 2009 coming up next.
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