Friday, December 31, 2010

Dr. Kaushal Sharma- evil troll and gun for hire.

Someone in Timal Nadu, India,  is looking up "kaushal sharma."

There are many kaushal sharmas in this world so it isn't necessarily the deeply evil and sinister Dr. Kaushal Sharma who works as a dangerous  charlatan in the los angeles courts. If you do not have tons of money or power Dr. Kaushal Sharma will, without thought, destroy your life.

A big lawyer, who shall remain nameless, told me that Dr. Kaushal Sharma is a "prosecutor's whore". I understand that this disgusting evil man, Kaushal Sharma, is a whore for the defense too if the price is right.  Something about a man who took the oath, " First, do no harm" doing what Kaushal Sharma does gives me a super duper case of the creeps. He is so much worse than any poor whore.

It's not a fun chore, this blog--  to name the names of truly evil people who do unspeakable things, and who are often spiteful and vengeful ,,when exposed is not what I want to do as much as it is what I MUST do.
Courage and goodness are their own rewards.

For the new year, I promise my readers that I will stay as strong and steadfast in attempting to expose the incessant and deepseated evils in the los angeles courts.

Happy New Years.
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