Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shady Nemecek Cole and Jaqueline Connor dealings in santa monica courthouse James Silverstein is a pathetic slimeball who screws his clients

Nemecek and Cole and Peter Knechts long  named lawfirm,

Judge Jaqueline Connor is a vile joke. She is known to be utterly corrupt and her ruling is a farce. The lying stealing bastards James Silverstein and Peter Knecht got lucky this time around.

Ryane Deane must be sort of disturbed by such lawlessness. I mean not everyone is a sociopath. There has got to be one lawyer associated with this case, who is gasping at such injustice. Los Angeles is the wild wild west and it turned out that the lying little turd, James Silverstein got himself some big guns.

I guarantee that many will know of this and James Silverstein and Knecht will be revealed. What they did then and now is not going to scare us off.

Nemecek and Cole reads this blog way too often - which is bizzarre. Judge Jaqueline Connor's ruling  will go down in history. I promise you that. To deny an acuitted individual her constitutional rights in such an absurd manner will not be left unexposed.  This pro per abuse and overall corruption has got to stop.

Your clients are fools to think they can do such damage and abuse and get away with it. They will be sued for other causes of actions as dictated by their actions. They will be exposed to all who must know about the abuses that go on this los angeles sewage of a justice system.

There is no grounds for these bizzarre and fake rulings on the part of Judge Jaqueline Connor and her karma and truth and justice will haunt her someday somehow. This will go to the supreme court, I promise you that. 

This will never end until truth and justice will out, you bunch of evil creeps.
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