Sunday, December 19, 2010

It got 500 hits a day during the malicious prosecution in case 8CA10541- Those stats tell some story

341  hits away from 50k hits to this blog, excluding my own. It bodes well for my pro-se abuse blog that is taking a long time to get together due to having to work so hard on getting what should be so easy.

I inserted the stat counter about a year and a half ago and it has proven to be very very very very interesting and informative. There is no words for the intelligence such a seemingly extraneous device has provided. Yay stat counter!! I adore you stat counter!!

By all means this blog should be dead and so I'll celebrate that it isn't dead, on this rainy LA day.

In fact, there is  non stop sprinkle of readers ,curious about sociopath judges and individual sociopaths  such as Scott Boxenbaum, Mathilde Notaro, Stef Willen, Jennifer Waxler, Martin Boags, and James Silverstien criminal lawyer et al ad infininatum(sp??) etc.

By January 1st it would be cool if it hit 50 thousand but not so cool that I'd be dissapointed otherwise.

Project Name   Type Today Yesterday This Month Total
Oprah Pick(s) her noseReal-Time Stats and Visitor ReportsInstall Code and Customise Project SettingsControl User Access to ProjectSchedule Email ReportsStandard4811288249,659

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