Friday, December 24, 2010

Tig Notaro and Stef Willen are vicious and destructive liars who will never live their lies down

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All my loquacious wailings and Sam says it so damned tersely:

Tig Notaro and Stef Willen know that to be the case. In Fact, they even know that they behaved like creepy high schoolers and were only met with politeness.  Later, Sam would say that he could not beleive that the prosecution was proceeding and he was happy to testify that nothing happened .

Good kid, because he was dealing with  a load of sociopaths who were intent on a wrongful conviction for their own selfish purpose. There was not only no violence EVER against anyone but there was no activity on the night in question- there was no commotion.  In fact, each alleged incident was concocted by Notaro and those she paid off. Not one remotely criminal thing took place against her ,but according to law- She and her false witnesses committed felonies over and over again in the course of a baseless and malicious prosecution in case 8CA10541.

Now, these same long proven lies are being utilitzed by dirtbags like James Silverstein and Peter Knecht to get out of the fact that they stole from and then abandoned those who put their trust in them. I apologize for the excess of douchebags in my case but we are in Los Angeles, I guess.

This was a well attended open mic poetry and comedy night where Notaro will say a huge commotion occurred followed by violence against her and that all happened inside this full of people coffee shop.  The sinister and sick Stef Willen would lie to the police that such things happened but evidence will show that the police did not beliee them. Montalvo sure didn't believe Mathilde Notaro on the night of april 29th 2008 and that testimony would be invaluable as she is the only police to have intervied anyone in person.

Had John Gregozek et al. not wanted to only please their  masters at Lavely and Singer he would have arrested stef willen and tig notaro for making false reports. It didn't turn out that way. Instead, Gregozek et al answered not the call of their expertise or their conscience but of what could advance their careers and their paychecks.

Lavely and Singer has since rewarded him plenty. Gregozek sure didn't interview one real witness over three years now and any slight perusal of a tenth of the documents will show what really went on here.

But, yeah, South Africa, No activity of fight vs what Notaro and Willen would say(verbal tirade and two armed shove in a full room of people) and then we can move to Heidi and then the doctored e-mail, and then Julius and then Reeta piazza vs Notaro vs Brian Whitaker vs Montalvo and Badar vs the other witnesses.

For todays post: Nothing alleged by Notaro and her desperate and diseased pet, Stef Willen, occurred ,and therefore my name and life had no right to have been destroyed .
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