Monday, January 23, 2012

Judge Maria Stratton-- a dark and depressing truth

Been talking to lawyers. All agree that it is very depressing to know that Judge Maria Stratton's extreme corruption is both  clear cut and very sad. Judge Maria Stratton orders a known sociopath "whore" named Dr.  Kaushal Sharma to do her bidding.  Dr Kaushal Sharma is known as a "Whore" and a 'Very bad man" in the legal community. Judge Maria Stratton orders Dr. Khaushal Sharma  to destroy the lives of innocent people. The big question is why would the first female former federal  public defender want to do the bidding of shabby and corrupt little city attorneys like Martin Boags and Jennife Waxler  etc ? Well, Marty Boags has connections due to his unbenched dad, as the story goes. Martin Boags unbenched his own father but that didn't stop him. Judge Karla Kerlin and Judge Maria Stratton still love old Marty Boags. And, Judge Maria Stratton is just dirty dirty dirty.
The  proof is there: Judge Maria Stratton is  a lawless menace willing to destroy the lives of anyone who disturbs her cronies in the courts. Judge Maria Stratton is a some testament to how power corrupts.
I'd bet that ,Maria Stratton, will run for office someday. I'd bet too that she is destroying lives daily in the courts .
Hate to sound dramatic, but god save us from the likes of Judge Maria Stratton.  I have nightmares about her very often and I resent it.
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