Thursday, March 8, 2012

what did Tig Notaro illegally do?

Everyday brings mysterious hits to this abandoned blog. In fact, I would love to delete this whole things because it really is too slow to load, and it isn't user friendly. I plan to put up a more decent blog soon. But, these hits and the strange search words, make it too interesting, and so it stays up.

Today, on the stat counter, an  Austin Ip looking up "What did Tig Notar illegally do?"

I can't remember if I ever managed to make it crystal clear as to what Notaro did that was illegal. She did so many miserable things, both legal and illegal. As the lawyer who had to take this fiasco to trial said about Notaro, " What a freak!What a liar!"

Dear Austin Ip,

 Tig Notaro repeatedly lied to police, in order, to punish people who had no interest in her or had a bad thought about her . It is illegal to lie t the police . She went after their blood with the help of a desperate grifter named Stef Willen. Stef Willen need a place to stay and jobs and Notaro gave her that. Willen evaded an investigator and then managed to not testify at trial , so she's just guilty of only one instance of  perjury and lying to the police,  and of being a pathetic and creepy lost soul.

Notaro shamelessly and obviously kept perjuring herself and suborning perjury, for reasons that just would convince anyone that she isn't a smelly looking menace to society.

If that's not enough: Notaro  actually tried to obstruct justice by trying to bully her own ex agent in to not telling the truth on the witness stand. And, for reasons that point to her slovenly counsel, Allison Hart from Lavely and Singer, she kept getting away with it.

Saying that Tig Notaro is a criminal and a beady eyed lowlife is too too mild. Nevertheless, I can say it all day and never get sued for defamation because it is true and if she sued it would open up all her lies, and she can't afford that. She's managed very well to get away with so much for so long. She should by all evidence be in jail for years.

Very soon, I'm going to provide a timeline, with documents ,that will show from beginning to end how Tig Notaro targeted me and decided to ruin my name and life for no understandable  reason. In the process, she hurt too many people to name here.

I don't think most care,or most could even grasp what went on afte her lies,  but according to the stat counter ,many are curious. I'll try my best to make sure that Notaro ,and those she involved, will be held accountable.

In short, Austin IP,
Notaro and Willen, at the very least, pose a danger to good people everywhere . They are repulsive opportunistic sociopaths. I hope that some decent person somewhere doesn't ever have to go through what we went through. So, giving a warning online is the best I can do for now , while all the other offline stuff has to get sorted out.

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