Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tig Notaro is a sick stalker and Judge Maria Stratton sucks etc.

Everyday, hits to this lousy blog. The District Court in Richardson Texas is looking upon the deeply evil, Judge Maria Stratton, and so are many law firms.  Hmmmm.

Judge Maria Stratton is a cruel and twisted criminal and I just know that Karma will find her soon. Maybe, it already has. For those searching for her: In my case, she abdicated all oaths and broke all laws to help out her friends in the police and prosecution. She was willing to destroy very innocent and good people to advance her own career. She is a very dangerous menace to society and what she has done to me and my family and the legal system and the tax payer is somethng that should haunt her for the rest of her inexplicable life. You don't just steal the liberty and reputation  and peace of mind of obviously innocent poeple and not be held accountable. She has benefited so far from the awful far fetched  immunities afforded her and by the fact that her victims have so much to do. But, all will one day know and understand what a vicious and diseased woman is this Judge Maria Stratton. What she did in my case is a chilling abuse of power. It  is imperative that she be fully exposed and this will happen.

Then, everyday, hits saying " Tig Notaro stalker" and Tig Notaro sick."

Yes, reader, Tig Notaro is stalker and she is sick. She is DE- RANGED.
I suspect that the googler in question is searching such words because the twisted Notaro must keep up her big lie now that she is being sued and a good judge is in charge.  Her sleazeball attorney, Allison Hart from the law firm Lavely and Singer, is sweating  She should. She will be disbarred in the near or far future. She must not be able to practic law as she has no regard for the truth or law or the codes she swore to.

Tig Notaro is a stalker and she does not have a stalker. That must be made clear because that is the reality. Tig Notaro repeatedly filed false police reports and committed aggravaged perjury, subornation of perjury, and obstruction of justice against me and the tax payer( Her malicious lies cost a fortune)
Filing police reports is a form of stalking and that is what occurred in the case.
She never was stalker or harrassed by me and she knows it. Ask her for specifics when she tells you of her "stalker.". Watch her come up with fresh and obvious new lies cause she has no truth to rely on.

I know that Notaro and her vile attorney, Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer, have fought long and hard to perpetrate life destroying lies but the truth will come out and all interesed will see that Tig Notaro is a pathologically lying sociopath who deserves to be in prison for many years.

It behooves me to even write the name " Tig Notaro." It repulses me that that rotting wart of a woman, Notaro, gives herself such a deeply annoying nickname. Blech. Destructive psychopaths should not have such cutesy names.

Well, that's all for today, folks. I imagine I'll rail somemore soon against the slew of socipaths that have blocked my path. Marty Boags and John Gregozek, and the rest , shouldn't rest too easy.

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