Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tig Notaro and Allison Hart are deranged stalkers

For some obvious reasons many hits "tig notaro stalker."
It is clear that this deranged freak,  Tig Notaro, must further spread defamation in order to weasel out of her crimes. The truth is about to come out and if she wasn't such a sociopath she'd be sweating.
Well, that just gives me more defamation claims and different statutes of limitations on them. Notaro is one of the worst and most malicious liars going. Luckily, she is soon to be caught in all her lies . The truth is tenacious stuff. It's going to be so overdue but so beautiful.

For those who believe Tig Notaro's lies -- that she ever had a stalker: I'd recommend you come to court on August 29th 2012, and then to trial on November 26th 2012.
There you will see "conclusively" what a repugnant  socipathic liar is this Tig Notaro. You will see something very ugly and sad but also very interesting.

For August 29th 2012:  Division 15 in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse- 1:30 P.M.
If it changes I'll tell you.

There you will see that her ruthless, stupid, and greedy attorney, Allison Hart( of the shady and sick law firm of Lavely and Singer) has ultimately done a great disservice to her disturbed and very stupid client, Mathilde Notaro.
Allison Hart and her cretinous client have  gotten away with murder for so long . What vicious and relentless ugliness they perpetuated for over four years now.

 Allison Hart will be disgraced and disbarred once all is said and done. You can only defraud courts and harrass and stalk innocent people with false police reports and other abuses before you get caught. Lavely and Singer have already been sued for Libel and Extortion.  It is long overdue that their reign of terror be exposed and stopped.

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