Sunday, November 11, 2012

John Gregozek is a dangerous piece of shit

Blogger has been down. So frustrating.  While it gets fixed I'd like to tell regular and deranged reader, John Gregozek, to hang on. He can also tell his fellow piece of shit, Judge Maria Stratton, that she too should be patient. Lots of documents and transcripts. There' s a huge paper trail.
Judge Maria Stratton can also tell moronic bastard of an idiot, Judge Richard Fruin to bring his dumb fogey eyes to the blog asap.

Karlatini is the screename Karla Kerlin uses on message boards to defend herself when others are repulsed by her views on raves. Whatevah. Judge Karla Kerlin is very interested in what others have to say about her on the internet. ooh, wait till she reads the chapters on  her.
I'd bet she'll try to start more 18 man raids . I look forward to seeing those sadsacks again.
 Notoriously corrupt  with the showgirl angle.  Gold.
Add her involvement with Pellicano and the fact that she has been sued both as a prosecutor and a judge.
John "the Hilshire Farm reject" Gregozek should tell them and the others to be patient or to give a court order to blogger to get on thier server issues. Justice awaits.
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