Sunday, November 4, 2012

John Gregozek november 2012

Three years to the date of the 18 man raid. This post is an experiment involving the stat counter. Yesterday someone from Irvine was looking up det. John Gregozek. Today, someone was looking up "Tig Notaro Con," The other day someone in Sunnyvale looking up" Marty Boags." Then, someone in Malibu looking up "Lavely and Singer Malpractice."

It's a matter of time. The imagery of the Feds taking away Gregozek, Dunn, Kerlin, Dick Fruin, Samantha Jessner, and the most evil judge alive --- Judge Maria Stratton-- is something to keep one going. Judge Maria Stratton must share a jail cell with Dr. Kaushal Sharma and Dr. Francisco Velarde. That would be poetic justice of some sort. But, I guess they'd be

Scanner issues and a glitch with the hard drive have caused delays as did the games and bullshit of the disgusting bastard Judge Richard Fruin. What a dirty story and what a filthy system.

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