Friday, November 16, 2012

Judge Samantha Jessner is being googled by Us Court in Washington. Hmmmm.

The US court in Washington D. C is googling " Judge Samanatha Jessner" and coming upon my blog. What they will see will not be what they should be seeing. What they should be seeing is the whole story and how Judge Samantha Jessner was involved.

Till then, US court in Washington DC, I'll just tell you that on August 12th 2009, Judge Samantha Jessner did terrible things-- criminal things. Things that no decent human being would accept. Things that no judge should ever have done.

Judge Samantha Jessner granted a clearly malicous and out of control prosecution something that will haunt Judge Samantha Jessner and the sociopatic yentas, Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian for the rest of their lives. She agreed to declare a doubt to someone sanity with absolutely no reason to do so barring the malicious prosecutions desire for her to do so so they couldn't lose at trial and be sued. She did so after an illegal and widely witnessed ex parte and with nothing more than jennifer waxler and Kalpakian urging her to at this illegal ex parte.

I figured it out that Martin Boags was the henchman but Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian had the opportunity to not go along with something so twisted and so wasteful. It's the wastefulness that must make them nervous-- how to explain all seven charges dismissed after a 12 day trial. How to explain the cost to the taxpayer for the competency ploy. There is no valid explanation and though, as of this date ,they have not been punished, there will be a day where this will be exposed fully and they will be destroyed.

Judge Samantha Jessner not only signed sham search warrants for John Gregozek and his phony Hollywood unit but she then granted him a way to discredit his accuser. How? By going along with a way to make her out to be insane so she couldn't win at trial. What did she do. She sustained such sick tricks and 31 days of jail where there was no charges, and no bail allowed, and no rationale and no sense, and no law. And, she sustained it all and she beat them. Unheard of to beat seven charges like that, I understand. Unheard of to sustain such punishments and to prevail.
Wow, was I so much tougher than I ever thought.  Did they pick on the wrong people. And, it's so so so far from over. I doubt it can ever be over.

What Judge Samantha Jessner did is something that will be presented in its entirety. The whole story must get told to truly understand.
You don't declare doubts as some game to get innocent people with no mental health history to plea when innocent.  You don't sign sham warrants for corrupt cops like John Gregozek and you don't allow exigent circumstance warrants to dirty cops like John Gregozek, Judge Samantha Jessner. Well, you did, and you could, but you will be found out and I pity your children because they will be so disgusted with you. That is if you didn't already parent them so poorly that they can't differentitate between wrong and right, like you.

Sure Judge Maria Stratton surpassed you in wickedness but you are not forgotten. Judge Maria Stratton should be in jail for you life while we would allow it that you only be jailed for say 10 years. Karla Kerlin would get 20. What a peice of work that one is. Sued as a prosecutor and then as a judge. I will sue her too. There are exceptions to statutes of limitations that I am aware of. But, absent the court remedies, just the story, when it gets truly told, will bury her.

Judge Samantha Jessner did vacate the order. Maybe she did realize that she couldn't get away with it . But, when Marty Boags got it re-instated she  should have stepped in and she didn't. So many should have stepped in and stepped up and they didn't. I'll never get over that .

You  put me through hell on earth with what you did,  Judge Samantha Jessner. Till today, your corrupt and sick decisions have harmed me beyond belief.

God should punish you with the worst punishments. You are a sick and evil woman and you deserve the worst that this world can offer.  You come across as a Pasadena lady-- harmless. But, you are very very dangerous and one day soon many will see that . Your name will be associated with great injustice and decisions that shock the conscience , and you will be unbenched, and you will be seen as the twisted criminal that you are.

Shame shame on you. I know you don't have shame but shame on your anyway! Ha.

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