Monday, November 19, 2012

John Gregozek is quite the world traveler

Corrupt clod, John Gregozek, finally realized that I can see his IP address.  So, now he searches from himself from exotic locales such Algeria, Hungary, and Bangladesh.

Who could expect any less from such an elite detective. The subterfuge, my god.

Using a direct link to a read about himself from Algeria???? The man the mouse, John Gregozek, simply put, is a complete moron.

Recently discovered some great dirt on filthy city attorney, Jennifer Waxler, los angeles city attorney.  We all marvel how this woman has kids and goes to some synogogue.  When her participation in my case is fully know I assure you those synogogue goers will shun her and back fatty Felise Cohen Kalpakian will have to go to church. Then, those churches will shun them and they will have to pray alone.
Boggles the mind how these types live with themselves.

Just learned that Jennifer Waxler was the go to corrupt prosecutor for the Occupy L.A trials. Same M.O: Covering up for dirty cops and adding blatantly false charges. When will she ever learn? Never, is my guess. Dirty judge, Robert Vanderet, also involved. The plot can't stop its thickening.

Anyhow, still staring in the face of too much injustice and working on it behind the "scenes."

Till then, hope your next stop is Gaza, John Gregozek, and I hope you get smushed by a big rocket.

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