Monday, December 31, 2012

Department of Justice -- you must look into Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge Richard Fruin, Judge Mark Mooney, Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Maria Stratton, Judge Robert Vanderet ASAP

Non stop hits to this lousy blog. The truth is out there,and the truth must come out no matter what.
That's how it feels. It feels mystical. It will take a miracle yet so many miracles already so...The whole story, with supporting documents, is cooking and will be served soon. Once it's served right, I've done my job

 Justice and truth become kind of fascinating. Waiting for truth to come out, and for justice to finally arrive, in a way that brings real peace, is beyond frustrating but still fascinating to behold.

Today, the Department of Justice in Potomac Maryland is looking up " Judge Samantha Jessner."  I hope that this blog is not the only research that they are doing. They must, just for now, look into case 8CA10541, and take it from there. Just the minutes alone should raise the necessary level of suspicion. Add the dispositions, and any layman could see that something went very very wrong. Never mind that the transcripts prove that those minutes did not at all reflect what was occurring and you have a decent start.

I am working very hard to get it all together, but in the meantime -- Department of justice-- Look into Judge Samantha Jessner and prosecute her . She is a monster. Maybe less a monster than Judge Maria Stratton, but a total monster nonetheless. The Clara Foltz courthouse, was as of 2010,a criminal enterprise, crawling with sociopaths,dear Department of Justice. There are too many to name but most can be found in the minutes.
 I plan on communicating with you further but time is of the  the essence when criminals such as Judge Samantha Jessner are free to destroy the lives of intelligent and law abiding people.  Also look into Judge Richard Fruin-- a dirty and corrupt bastard who wasted a fortune, and much time and energy ,when all along the fix was in. That vicious old man will go down in some infamy. You don 't just deprive law abiding citizens of every right in the book and not be held accountable.

Judge Maria Stratton, Karla Kerlin, and Jessner are out and about and lecturing about the Constitution etc, This is truly obscene, when you consider that they all belong in federal prison, for their roles in my case, alone.
Look into them, DOJ, and then look into the law firm of Lavely and Singer and the dirtbags in the LAPD's racket of a fake unit, The Threat Management Unit. Look into characters like Martin Boags, and Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Richard Vagnozzi too. Look into dirty clowns like Judge Mark Mooney and Judge Rosenberg too. Damn, there are many more. What a nightmare.

The whole LA legal system is a disaster of dangerous proportions. This is not what we can accept from America, and it's time you cleaned it up. Look into the death of officer Jaqueline Montalvo while you are at it. Realize she signed up to be a witness for my defense three days before her death. Her testimony would have destroyed John Gregozek and Jeffrey Dunn,  and opened up a Pandoras Box that would take down so many really bad people. Bad people with a lot of money and power i.e Marty Singer, The city attorney, Allison Hart,The judges mentioned, Dr. Kaushal Sharma , and many more.

I know that this all sounds nutty, but every word is true, every word is evidenced by ample documentation and circumstantial evidence,  and Samantha Jessner et al. know it.

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