Friday, January 4, 2013

Tig Notaro is a stalker and psycho and deranged liar who belongs in hell

 Over two thousand hits to the post with the title, " Tig Notaro is a stalker and a sociopath." A foulmouthed fan girl, Evita Rush, reads it as if it were the bible. Sad or sick or both? Both, I say.She must feel very special to be mentioned on this illustrious blog. I am kidding, reader who doesn't know me. I do not fancy this blog to be illustrious or even half decent. The PSTD, brought on by Notaro's madness,has made focus more of a challenge than it was.

Aside of IP addresses and Evita Rush, I can't be sure exactly who is looking at that post, or why, but I can guess. I'm guessing that some people's curiosity has been piqued due to Notaro getting some attention for her " OMG! I am being smited" largo set. And, that is exactly what that was. Notaro was using Lavely and Singer to subvert justice, and god wasn't pleased. Notaro bore false witness and assassinated the character of three very good human beings, and god doesn't like that. Notaro lied under oath over and over again,  and Notaro tried to ruin someone's career in a ruthless and evil way . I feel confident that  god just really can't stand Mathilde Notaro, or anyone, that causes so much damage to others.  Or maybe he likes her a little. Maybe, he's trying to give her a hint. Maybe, she's not as lost a cause as she appears on the surface.

 I am not religious. But,  I do believe in a just and merciful force, so that's my perception.

 Tig Notaro is a truly evil piece of gnarly flesh and she deserves every plague that will visit her. If one believes that good triumphs over evil than soon more plagues will rain down upon her unsavory little head.

The whole story is being written and it must be written from beginning to end to make sense. Too much legal understanding is necessary, and it has to be written with great care and great attention to the documents etc. I would say that those who are curious about injustice and stories of crummy sociopaths(Notaro, Stef Willen, and quite a few others )who abuse others and the legal system will find it of interest. I suggest they come back on a regular basis, because what Notaro has been able to do, and continues to do, is mind blowing.
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