Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tig Notaro censorship with the help of Lavely and Singer and their friends in the court

Today, a reader from Denmark and a reader from Orlando accessing a post titled, " Tig Notaro is a sociopath and a stalker. " I can't recall what that post says just now but I assure those readers that after much consideration it is clear that this purported cancer survivor is a stone cold sociopath. She is also, by law, a stalker. She went after me and filed false report after false report, comitted perjury after perjury, defamation after defamation.. She managed to get me jailed when she was comitting crimes not I, and even then she wasn't satisfied. She is a very very sick woman.

 She claims to be cured of cancer in one month so I mean spirtitually sick.  In a just Universe, she'd be jailed for a long time. In a Universe that didn't produce sociopaths, she would be compelled to come clean, about the terrible things she did to not only me but to the many that she pulled into her vortex. She stole a huge fortune from the State of California too before she decided to sell her very fishy wares in New York. I'm convinced she brought Hurrican Sandy. That's how bad she is. She says she'll donate to cancer research. Ask her details and watch those beady eyes go dumb.

Then, two readers, one in Brooklyn and one in Santa Monica googling, " Tig Notaro Censorhip."

Whoa, is that mutant some enemy of the First Amendment. She got lots of help from other enemies of free speech, but when all is said and done her constant censorhip( with the help of Lavely and Singer) will sink her . It's a matter of time. She was willing to pay big bucks to cover up her mess and it was worth it. Lavely and Singer are beyond effective and they will bury anyone who tells the truth about a client. Why Tig Notaro would hire Lavely and Singer is very curious considering that at the time she was utterly obscure. Why and what they would do on her behalf is interesting and will show that Tig Notaro is a serial abuser of free speech amongst other really lousy things.

 The whole case is based on that censorship. The whole case began because this crazed Tig Notaro entity wanted no one out there in the universe to write one negative thing about her. Anything negative written about her set off all sorts of Narcissistic rage. Talk to anyone from Datalounge. Her lawyer, Allison Hart, has managed to shut down and get deleted any thing written about this obscure but insanely ambitous sheman. Then, the supposed cancer came, and it's going to be impossible to delete everything now but they'll try. Bless blogger and Open Salon(RIP, I think) for not allowing such obvious censorship.

The best analogy I've come up with is that Tig Notaro is the type to stab someone and then get infuriated when she gets blood on her shoe. She will then go after the person she stabbed, and try to destroy them for the stab wound stains that fell upon her nasty little shoe.

Tig Notaro is the most ambitious and ruthless wretch that ever walked. She actually refers to herself in Third Person too. " Tig like candy" " Tig is going to be angry." Unforgivable. No comedian worth their salt would ever be so unself aware as to refer to themselves by thier inane nickname. This is why she never made it after 15 tireless and tiring years of non stop self promotion and  joke repetition . We have a theory that when her NBC show was dropped she came up with the Cancer. I'm telling you, you'd have to be a fool, to think anything is below her.

She went on stage, I understand, and told everyone she was dying. It got her attention and then she was cured a month later. I am told by those who know that agressive cancer doesnt' work that way. Had she had in Situ that might make sense but her story, as it stands, does not make sense.Or, mabye she's encountered a miracle. No, that doesn't make sense. Evil people don't get those. After what I saw her capable of , I truly beleive that the whole cancer thing is some twisted scam. If I'm wrong than fine, but there would be nothing wrong with me seeing everything she says as a lie. There is nothing wrong with me saying that anything terrible that happens to her is deserved. Anyone who thinks differently doesn't know the real story. I can wish upon her locusts and lice all day and it might be lame, but it would be morally upright, when considering what she did and continues to do to me and may family.

But, yeah, readers. Tig Notaro censorship is a good keyword. Tig Notaro and Lavely and Singer and censorship will be a post soon. Keep posted.
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