Friday, December 21, 2012

What Evita Rush's LinkenN profile won't show: She is all over the internet making cruel comments about disabled children

Recently an Evita Rush came online in full foaming at the mouth mode. She went on a campaign to defame good people and she told them how she works for special needs kids and that they were even more disgusting and slow and stupid than the kids she teaches . Then, this Evita Rush, told anyone who didn't agree that Tig Notaro is FUCKING HOT AS FUCK to GO EAT AIDS INFECTED DICK.   She then began to make up all sorts of stories and try to pass them off as true to as many people as possible. It is evident that she does this for thrills -- to get close to the object of her obsession. This dreg of society wants to use me to meet some crazed need and it's just too gross. To have the lowest common demoninator jump on some bizarre bandwagon is a somewhat interesting experience. Scott Boxenbaum, Zeke Iddon, and similar wastes of space got off the hook so far but that won't last.

If it's not bad enough that I have to contend with this deranged loser it concerns me that she does in fact work for disabled children .  No child should ever be left in the care of this dark hearted and perverted psycho. She is all over the internet acting as an obsessed fan to another psycho named Tig Notaro. On top of ridiculing her disabled students , I bet she litters the parks they trust her with. She looks perfectly nice in that picture, but her behavior and actions and comments all indicate that she is a violent and coarse sack of crap.

She has recently written very particular death threats in which she threatened to a put a bullet in my head and to disfigure me .  Death threats are serious business. Defamation is serious  business, Evita Rush. What I am doing here is not defamation it is  truth in response to your abuse and threats. Everything I have written about Tig Notaro is true and everything she said about me was false and proven false.  I am writing the truth and you for no good reason are choosing to spread destructive lies. Zero tolerance considering what we have had to go through due to such lies already.

It is a public service to post this,  cause you are so low that you write disgusting things about the vulnerable children you are in a position to help.  I am not in elementary school . I don't have to put up with stunted losers like this Evi(l)ta Rush.

Evita Rush

Evita Rush

Asst. Site Director at Van-Clark Parks and Recreation
Vancouver, Washington(Portland, Oregon Area)
Recreational Facilities and Services
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Evita Rush's Overview

  • Exceptional Ed Teacher Assistantat Alice Vail Middle School-Autism Program
11 connections

Evita Rush's Summary

Currently work for the city of Vancouver as an Assistant Site Director for Parks and Recreation. I have substantial experience working with children with special needs as well as mainstream. I have over 3 years experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum.

I also sub for the Evergreen School District in the following Special Education programs: SCIP, ALC, LSC, DSC and SLC.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" -George Bernard Shaw
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