Saturday, December 22, 2012

Evita Rush is stalking my blog, Someone in Dana Point is looking up "Tig notaro liar," and other stuff

It seems that the sociopath's vortex is very true when it comes to Tig Notaro. It has been written that Sociopath's not only take down their intended victims but then take down so many in their paths. This has proven very true with Notaro. The number of victims and the costs keep rising. 

  One recent example is Evita Rush, obsesssed fan girl to a G list celebrity who used to be an unknown( before she did her bad karma tour and struck some gold.)

 I can't be sure what it would take to stop Tig Notaro and her destruction. She clearly fits the cliche concept of evil as a seemingly invincible force. Sure, some can say that her recent misfortunes make her seem less invincible, but those who have watched her in action, know that the fame and money, that she was able to wring out of said misfortunes, is all she wanted and so she won.

Considering what she was capable of doing to other human beings I find it impossible to think she lost much, in the end. When one is so cruel and has no regard for truth can they love their mother? If she can't eat normal foods would that affect her? I can't imagine that someone like her would love anyone or even enjoy food. Anyone who can smirk and strut around as  they level false accusation after false accusation, and cause the character assassination of someone they know is innocent, and talented, and attractive...
Someone who can do everything in their power to turn an aloof and intelligent person into a weirdo and stalker, and a million other false and ugly things, doesn't strike me as human and that doesn't require "demonization." Those kind of sick choices, made by Notaro, are not the choices of a person with a conscience. Those kinds of choices were crimes, and even that didn't stop her.

 Try as I might, I can't see her as someone who is capable of guilt or love, much less redemption. And, this is a deeply depressing reality. And, not because I care much if she suffers or not. What is so deeply depressing that without being able to recognize a common humanity there can't be the story I need. I need to believe that every soul is capable of beauty and understanding and ultimate redemption. I never imagined a nemesis, but man oh man if one had to show up why would she have to be so seemingly hopeless ,so uninteresting, and so dissapointing. Interesting  in the sense that evil is interesting in it's incomprehensibility , but otherwise -- there is no arc, no nuance, no story , since she can't change for the better, only for the worse.
 Calling an almost abject stranger, who emerged from some abyss. to harm you beyond belief and for no valid reason , a nemesis, seems awkward, since that word strikes me as too generous or too literary considering the facts of the case(s)

When viewing the ample evidence, however, it is painfully clear that Tig Notaro, is that rare and awful thing -- a sociopath. Someone who likes to hurt for no understandable reason. Someone who lies for fun and profit. Someone who is missing that part of her brain or soul that keeps her in check. Someone who once stricken as she was stricken -- would recognize that hey maybe this did not all just arise from coincidence. Or, maybe she has the right idea. Maybe there is no karma, no god, no right or wrong. Maybe all there is is a dog eat dog world and she intends to be the top dog. We'll see how far this takes her. With the help of Lavely and Singer, and those obediant to Marty Singer, it has taken her much farther than anyone could imagine.

In the meantime, she now has brought with her a dark hearted special ed teacher named Evita Rush. Rush is so lacking in sense or humanity that she sees fit to make very detailed death threats against me on youtube and to defame me some more. Little does she know that the damage has gone on for so long and has gotten so out of hand that a little more can't faze me.

 Rush thinks that her actions are fun and that she will make Tig happy. Rush now claims that i have been stalking notaro for a decade and that I am restrained from Notaro . Both so false and such clearcut defamation that it makes me wonder if Rush isn't trying to harm Notaro in some way. Why allow me to file an federal defamation so easily?
Hmmmm, how to explain such disgusting displays? Why would this Evita Rush do this? I'll probably never know, or even if I do, I'll never understand what would possess another stranger to want to harm someone like me. It can be imagined that in order to cover up Notoro keeps making new lies or repeating old ones but there is too much out there and Rush knows better. I know she does. And, yet she goes and says how those who don't share her love of this Tig are even "slower and stupider and more disgusting than my special ed students" can I hear a YUCK?
Thank you.
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