Friday, January 4, 2013

Tig Notaro liar and Tig notaro heidi Feigin and John " I was turned down by Hilshire Farms" Gregozek

"Tig Notaro liar," "Tig Notaro Heidi Feigin," and "John Gregozek" are the three hot keywords to this here blog. Non stop hits from all over. Hmmm.

To those who don't understand yet I'll try to fill you in a little:

"Tig Notaro is a liar, a thief, a perjurer, a creep, and a sociopath. That keyword is simple. To those who have no idea -- let me just help you to be forewarned.

As for "Heidi Feigin":Heidi Feigin was Notaro's agent on April 7 2008. On that date Tig Notaro was so deranged that she would allege that " My agent from William Morris, Heidi Feigin" stood right there as I allegedly screamed, " Fucking dyke cunt bitch" to both Notaro and Feigin. Well, you see, none of that happened. In fact I never went near Notaro then, or at any time in my life. And, Heidi Feigin was not willing to lie for Notaro, as too many others would do. Feigin said the truth from the beginning.  Notaro was then so damned deranged that she got her lowly agent, Hunter Seidman, to call and try to bully Heidi Feigin out of testifying. In the end, they shut down the whole trial, and none of this came out and this disallowed us the closure and remedies we deserved.

That part is somewhat complicated but the Heidi Feigin part is pretty simple: Tig was not only was twisted enough to lie in order to have me banned and removed from comedy clubs but then, she was twisted enough to take measures to intimidate a witness in a criminal trial. Now, she is twisted enough to claim she won an appeal or any legal battle as means to cover up the truth. The truth being that she is a vile sociopath who will never live down her crimes, when all is said and done. She can use decisions wrought from fraud, for only so long, before it all comes crashing around her mangy mangy head.

As for John Gregozek-- He is a dirty dirty detective. His name should be "Detective Douche" He is hired by the Lavely and Singer law firm but he pretends to work for the city, and he is very responsible for the ghastly travesty called Tig Notaro -- getting away with her crimes for so long now.
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