Thursday, February 21, 2013

Los Angelenos, Do not vote for Carmen Trutanich for City Attorney! Vote for Greg Smith or anyone who is not a mafia wannabe

Had Greg Smith been in power, at the time, maybe Christopher Dorner would not be burnt to a crisp after an alleged killing spree and maybe I wouldn't have had to be so assaulted by the likes of crazy Mathilde "Tig" Notaro, and then the office of the City Attorney, and the corrupt cops who love them. Maybe, Greg Smith, wouldn't bow to dirty political pressures and file charges on the command of Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. Maybe, when the likes of Marty Singer called him and said "add fake charges" and I'll donate to your campaign, Greg Smith, would have told him to take a hike. Maybe, such obscene spectacles would be prevented

A sewer dumped into a cesspool would be a kind way to describe the Los Angeles City Attorneys office, under Rocky(what's with the annoying nicknames?) Delgadillo and then Carmen "mushed tush" Trutanich. Filing false charges, and then trying to terrorize holocaust survivors to get innocent defendants to cop pleas to things deputy city attorneys like Jennifer Waxler, Martin Boags, and Kathleen "The Fraud" Ford, knew they didn't do. Tsk Tsk, Trutanich.
They'll come a day where you will be forced to explain case 8CA10541, and your role in it,Carmen Trutanich, you John Gotti Wannabe masquerading as some public servant.

Your deputies lost Seven charges and wasted a fortune of the tax payers money, did they not? 12 days of trial for sham charges? False and illegal arrests and jailings when the defendant is innocent, and you know it. It was too too obvious to ignore. Then, a year in, you came up with the competency ploy. Is Stalin your role model, Nuch? Embarrassing and very shameful,  if you and your low rent deputy CA's were capable of shame.

When I was forced to hear about this Carmen Trutanich character, I was told he insisted his lackeys call him, "Tru." That seemed suitably moronic for a City Attorney, who was wasting a vast fortune of the tax payers money on malicious prosecution in the Clara Folz Courthouse. But, now it seems funny that he now insists that his lackeys call him "Nuch." I guess the falseness of "Tru" reached a fever pitch.

That's a fine image drawn by genius artist, and Trutanich victim, Lauren Spitzberg. Trutanich or John Gregozek or Martin Boags or Richard Fruin is the wolf, and it was drawn before, but it is a fine illustration of what would come. So is this.

Well, I'm busy trying to present what Carmen Trutanich's goons did in case 8CA10541, and then the civil cases that resulted. I didn't even realize he'd have the gall to run again for City Attorney but there he is. Thank god he lost the DA race. He'd be even more dangerous there.
 I wish I knew earlier,  so I could do more to stop this madman and his dark ages outrages . But, I have very little time. I can just write this lame blog and plea to any half human Los Angeles resident: DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS BARBARIAN. Carmen Trutanich employs evil freaks like Martin Boags, Jennifer Waxler, Felise Kalpakian and Katie Ford to do anything to make him win convictions against innocent defendants. They file blatantly false charges. We are talking charges they must throw out or judges have to throw out pre or mid trial. They don't count on trials, and so they think they can get away with it. Evidence forthcoming. Trutanich will throw thousands upon thousands of dollars away to terrorize law abiding citizens.  Oh man, if the public really know what a madman might get elected on March 5th .

Carmen Trutanich's idea of winning is falsely arresting, and then trying to convict the innocent. He counts on plea bargains. If the defendants won't take one he will have his deputies commit crime after crime to assure a plea. In case 8CA10541, they failed miserably. He claims high conviction rates because he brings bogus charges, and many simply feel they must plea bargain in that current system.  Then, he makes deals with judges so once acquitted(if miracles occur cause this goon will try anything)the city is let off the hook, despite mountains of evidence of damages and culpability on the part of the city. Then, he claims he saves money in such a way. He has judges such as Richard Fruin and Mark Mooney and Jaqueline(prematurely retired) Connor in his pocket . Any  claim against the city gets thrown out by fraudulent means. That story is getting told. But in the meantime, I beg of any one who can vote -- DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS PUNK CORRUPT MORON, CARMEN TRUTANICH. He's monster who terrorizes holocaust survivors and steals their money,  if he thinks that will advance his ambitions.
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