Monday, February 18, 2013

LAPD corruption: Letter to self obsessed psychopath, John Gregozek

Dear Undear LAPD defective John Gregozek,

BTW, Defective isn't a typo, Detective Douche. Here's a very mini manifesto of sorts. Or just a hate letter to a vicious imbecile who belongs in prison but instead of being the most hated man in a men's prison, you strut around pretending to protect Mila Kunis and Halle Berry. Manifestos are hot right now so let's call it that. Have Kris Mohandie read it and then tell Randi Kaye what it means. Weekly, You, John Gregozek, google yourself and and you squint those dead eyes at my latest offerings. You use different IP's, I see. And, yet, you are so obtuse that it shows up as you.

Your same IP is now showing up in Palmdale. Are you in Palmdale, nowadays, doofus? I can only pray that they send you off to some backwater ,as the wheels of justice rev up, and trample you into little shards of shit. I understand that you now lie on the stand for the likes of Halle Berry and Mila Kunis.Every time you open your mealy yap you lie.That's why I know you lie for them. As Christopher Dorner astutely noted you know a cop is lying when they say, "Based upon my training and experience." your whole "case" against me was that. That and the fact that you told the city attorney and judges that in the case they were in jeopardy you were the one to protect them. Wow, now that's away to create a conflict of interest.

You had no evidence whatsoever, and you know it. Even worse, you knew from the start that Tig Notaro and Stef Willen were spiteful liars and trained actresses and you wrote their lies made "via phone" to you as if it were the ten commandments -- straight from the lord himself.

You saw me and my family as poor and powerless compared to a Lavely and Singer client, and now you obsessively fret about your lousy non euphonious name, while you thought not a thought about ruining mine. I know you don't know half the words I use but you clearly know how to google. Who knows what kinds of false reports you draft in order to move up that sad little ladder you obsess about. Who knows how many more lives you've ruined since we beat back your crazy ass on March 23rd 2010. Not exposing you or not trying to alert the public about you is a crime and I am not a criminal such as yourself. I imagine you swat it away with " Oh she's crazy," and not many have the time or inclination to find out that you are the crazy one. You are as batshit as it gets. I understand that your future looks bright and much ill gotten gains go into your sweaty little pockets. I know that Jeffrey Dunn, for one, approves of your criminality. I wish you were a rogue but you are encouraged by your supervisor ok's it so you can't be a rogue.

I know that you are proud to be a liar and perjurer and worse. That would be defamation per se if it weren't so true. And, if it is not true, you should sue. You and I know that you can never do that. Any airing of the filthy laundry you have soiled for so long, would guarantee that you be labeled insane by the likes of Sergeant Angela Lucie, and you'd be sent to Patton for life. Even Dr. Kaushal Sharma would shun you. Dr. Francisco Velarde alone might reach out to a fellow beady eyed low rent dirtbag like you. Do you want to have a good name, or what? What is your deal, weirdo? Why do you, like some mutant robot, google " John Gregozek 2013, every so very often? My theory is that you are an empty shell. A stupid and useless sociopath. Someone who thinks he can lie in every police report and "supplemental," and somehow be spared exposure or the infamy and disgrace that you deserve.

 Do you really think killing off Officer Jaqueline Montalvo was enough to hide your crimes? Well, it helped. So did Judge Richard Fruin's corruption and all those you manipulated. But, you are young and your victims are too disgusted to ever be afraid of zeros like you. I mean look what you did to me and look how I didn't break. Clearly, you should be concerned. Do you really think that you are so special that you don't have to follow any law, any protocols? Kris Mohandie, should really out you with the 20 dreadful DSM diagnosis's that apply to you. He sure has a lot of critical things to say about Christopher Dorner.Yet, he works alongside murderers like you and keeps his trap shut? I call BULLSHIT! Do you really think that people are so stupid that they don't figure you out?

 Do you really think that you can destroy good people for fun and profit? Your depravity coupled with such sheer stupidity bodes well for you when it comes to rising in the ranks in the LAPD. Yet, it doesn't bode well for you if God or Karma exists. Look at your false "Vic" Tig Notaro. Whoa, what a bunch of plagues and there will be more for her. Martin Boags had his mother and sister died before their time too. I doubt Martin Boags felt any grief but I just know that treacherous trolls like he and you cannot win in the long haul. But, I'm no religious zealot, who waits idly for karma, to kick you in your shabby ass. I plan to use all non violent means necessary to stop you from terrorizing more law abiding citizens. In the interim, vermin face, move on, John. Let it go. Stop obsessively googling your nasty name. Or don't. I like seeing how you ruin names and lives and then care about your own so very much.

John Gregozek, you are a liar, a disgrace, a wastrel, a creep, and a lunatic. Based on my training and experience, You are a lowlife terrorist whose only cause is to get rich and famous off the blood of innocents. How base. You raid the home of a holocaust survivor as Martha Defoe stands by looking haunted. Luckily, my mother is the bravest and most righteous bad ass senior citizen alive, and your 18 man plan FLOPPED.swatteam78

 How much did it cost the poor California Tax payer? Well, soon it will be found out. That info exists and the minute it is feasible that info will sink you. You never had a droplet of probable cause and you got away with it. You lied so much and so often that no one felt they should even suspect that such an elite stalking detective asshole would go that far for Marty Singer. Most probably didn't know about how Lavely and Singer was behind this. The blue line or blue wall of silence or whatever, keeps Lopez ,Carlton, and Defoe in line but it doesn't stop them from loathing you. They might not care either way .If so, just ignore that last sentence. Chances are that whole 18 man Swat battering ram bullshit spectacle bunch can't all be as sick as you. The eighteen might be just as bad as you, but I'm entitled to my guesses, and I don't put bad guesses and try to pass them off as fact as you did from beginning to end as you tried to bury people. People who are vastly superior to a human toenail like you. According to your "reports' it was only you and Detective Jaime who came that day. Didn't want those judges seeing 18 names, eh? Didn't want to tell them about the riot gear and how you found nothing, after all that tax payer expense. Well, those documents and that tape can't be dismissed by dirtbags like Judge Richard "Dick" Fruin.

Don't you see more than you and officers Jaime here ?  Why did you write that you came only with Jaime, Defective Douche? Why didn't you tell the city attorney or the many "courts" that no police were called and so could not "come to the scene" on April 12th 2008. Why did you lie and lie and omit and omit, John Gregozek. How much did Lavely and Singer pay you is the most salient question I can ask. I have a thousand questions but the fact that you were paid off by a notorious Hollywood law firm is the most pertinent point I can make for others to understand why this all happened.

And for the Record: Keilbasa is nice . I apologize to it in all its flavors and formations i.e. smoked, polska, beef et al. for dissing this delicacy on August 10th 2009, when I compared this glorified hot dog to John gregozek. I wish I could say that I outsmarted you and the other clods, but there was nothing to outsmart because, as you long know, I never did a damned thing to ever deserve the persecution visited upon us by you, and then the los angeles shitty attorneys and the cabal of judges and troll "experts" you were able to impress and or manipulate. Or maybe, Jeffrey Dunn, made you do it and threatened you'd end up as a Dorner if you didn't. If so, still no excuse, Gregozek. You still suck but not nearly as much, I guess. Feel free to beg for forgiveness, or to lay blame elsewhere, in the comments section. Much love, Alisa Spitzberg
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