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Check this out, Hilary Redmon , John Gregozek, and Ira Glass and the North Carolina's Carolina Theatre

To expose the fact that a life form named "Tig" is a malicious liar who got away with murder, is not the funnest task. But, it is a necessary one. For various unacceptable reasons, Tig Notaro is not in prison for her multiple crimes of perjury, filing false police reports, subornation of perjury, and witness tampering.

Instead, she is free to roam the country discussing her cancers and spreading her lies. It's fourple X rated obscene. I even get attacked online by those who either were fed lies or are so amoral that such life destroying lies are just fine with them.

Throughout the 5 year awful saga I have had to endure due to this Tig Notaro thing, I have had to have my name BESMIRCHED beyond recognition, amongst a few hundred other indignities,outrages, and injustices.

For today, as I lay out the astounding true story in its entirety, I just want to highlight one of the most compelling LIES of Tig Notaro. I understand that this Tig Notaro is slated to write some non fiction book. Since this is a woman who has no grasp as to the difference between fiction and non fiction, of the difference between truth or lies, such a book cannot come to pass.

Hilary Redmon of Harper Collins, might not know what she is dealing it. She might see before her a regular old comedianne stricken by regular old sell-able adversity. In fact, Hilary Redmon is faced with a pathologically lying sociopath who very likely is lying not only about stalkers but about dead mothers and cancers.
Nothing Tig says is legit. This is someone who not only is willing to falsely accuse others but is willing to involve many as she pursues her vendettas. She is crazy enough to say Heidi Feigin stood right there. She is crazy enough to say she has three roommates when she has none. She is crazy enough to talk of police coming to scenes of mayhem and crime when no such police were called or came.  Tig Notaro was then crazy enough to talk fo imaginary sheriffs and imaginary side doors. She was able to get away with it for so long for so many hard to explain reasons. ( Update: NICK KROLL! was the reason) I can only try to shed some light.

Let's forget for a moment, the lies about the push, and the lies that Involved Heidi Feigin, and the lies that involved side doors and fake sheriffs and then the lies that likely got  LAPD officer, Jaqueline Montalvo, killed etc.

Those were just a few of the many WHOPPERS in a story full of Whopping WHOPPERS. The burger king alone has this many whoppers.

Let's not delve into what came after the lies, for the moment. Let's just focus on the allegation made by Notaro that the police were called and came to the "scene" on April 12th 2008 due to a "one and a half hour lockdown" of the Largo club on a Saturday night. Notaro alleged all sorts of mayhem and all sorts of crimes and of course the police would have to be called if her allegations were true.

 In all versions,Tig Notaro, would give she would state that me and my sister were gone by the time the police finally responded to a scene that involved such criminality that the Largo club had to lock it's doors for nearly two hours and not let any patrons come in or out. Notaro now points to an appeals decision to try to extricate herself from her sins, but she does not tell you that her lawyer, Allison Hart, not only encouraged her to lie but that Allison Hart would write in a respondent's brief that not only were the police called and thus came on April 12th 2008 but now her client Notaro had it all wrong when she stated that we were gone. Allison Hart, officer of the court, now told these appellate judges that the police came and we saw them and visa versa.

Tig Notaro would allege all sorts of police activity to John Gregozek on April 30th 2008, after being put in direct contact with him by her lawyer at Lavely and Singer via Nick Kroll(updated in 2014). After failing to engage real cops like Jaqueline Montalvo, Allison Hart (via Nick Kroll) made a phone call to her old friends in the Threat Management Unit and they agreed to do what they could to protect her interests. Notaro foresaw fame and fortune and what she had done to me on April 7th 2008 might come back to bite her. Measures had to be taken.

Evidence then shows that Dunn or Gregozek would playact but they too would not  take Notaro's bogus case since Lavely and Singer hadn’t even been retained yet for more than some “Cease and Desist” letter to the Datalounge message board.

 Only when I sued Notaro for defamation and she had paid Lavely and Singer good money, did Dunn and Gregozek ( via Nick Kroll and Kroll Inc)and the rest agree to sign on in some very sketchy capacity.

John Gregozek nor James Hoffman or Martha Defoe, would make any genuine effort to investigate the veracity of Notaro’s claims. That we know.  Martha Defoe was wise enough or decent enough to want nothing to do with Notaro . Yet,  Gregozek and then James Hoffman  were not and they would present all allegations made by Notaro as verified fact to the prosecutors and then the judges. They would do so based only on a chat  they had with her and an ambitious and dishonest actress named Stef Willen "via phone," according to all evidence.

No efforts to verify all that fellow officer activity was made and yet Gregozek and then Hoffman would swear under oath that such activity occurred. This was there M.O from the start when Gregozek told my mother, " What could i do. You sued her didn't you" as the reason for bringing criminal charges." This M.O was due to Nick Kroll's string pulling(updated june 2014) whoa!

There is ample evidence that no member of this Threat Management Unit believed a word said by either Mathilde Notaro or Stef Willen. No one with any common sense would. But, this case had nothing to do with truth or rightness but with Lavely and Singer (and moreso with Nick Kroll's very special phone calls- updated june 2014(and when I failed to do as expected i.e run off in fear, the farce was forced to continue.

 Only in September of 2009, a year and a month after a charge was brought, would a Martin Boags order the police records of the 911 call and any other documents that would have to be generated had Notaro(and Gregozek’s) allegations been true. This is what Martin Boags would see in respone to such requests.

This was “proof positive” of not only Notaro's lies but of Mark Flanagan and Michael Griffees lies and therefore of Gregozek lies and his statment had been the only evidence that the city attorney had counted on to bring the criminal charge in case 8CA10541. Not only that but John Gregozek had actually invented an "incident number" that didn't really exist. OMG.
Recognizing this,  Martin Boags would now have to come up with competency schemes to derail a trial that would make his office and his crony, John Gregozek, and that whole unit, look very bad , if any of this came out. That’s for a whole huge other chapter. 

These are the versions Notaro would tell over two year as to April 12th 2008. I will omit all but the police were called and came part for the purposes of easier understanding.

Let’s start with what the appeals court decision(posted online by Notaro) said about the police coming etc. This decision was all due to the initial fraud and has been used against me to deny a fair trial and then has been used by Notaro and Zeke Iddion and Evita Rush and Allison Hart and the City attorney and  who knows who else to make it seem as if Notaro is in the right somehow.

The appeals court came up with this since they only really can follow what the Superior Court judge allows and decide upon “errors in law”:

The owner did not let Spitzberg inside the club and called the police. Spitzberg left the club before the police officers arrived.

Police report – April 12, 2008 incident- Statement by notaro

The police were called but Spitzberg had left before they arrived.

April 12 Incident-- sworn  affidavit of Mathilde "tig" Notaro in order to obtain temporary restraining order.

Mark Flanagan called the police.

They(the sisters) left close to 11 p.m before the police could come.

Note: In court on May 28th 2008 Notaro never mentioned the police. The appeals court relied on the affidavit she and her lawyer drafted on May 5th 2008.


Notaro statement to Neil Spector, investigator for Downtown L.A public defenders office.

Notaro also advised that the police also showed up that evening at Largo but she believed that Alisa and her Sister had already left Largo. Prior to the police arriving there.

Julius Quinn Robert’s statement affidavit(doorman at the dime bar, very close by, and witnessed any alleged activity )

He would tell us that no police came and be disgusted at such lies.

I am the door guy at the dime which is no more than 16 feet away from where largo once was. I remember the day in question and remember nothing happen(ing) I even

talked to the ladies for a minute or two and invited them inside the dime for a drink. These ladies are good people to be around and everything that this woman said is a lie.

Mark Flanagan to investigator Neil Spector: “I don’t have anything to say.” and he both rudely and abruptly walked away

Largo owner and liar, Mark Flanagan, to prosecutor Martin Boags: Note how this alone shows that Notaro is lying and Griffee is lying and Flanagan Is lying. Didn’t they all say he was right there the whole time???

The witness directed employees to watch the front door, back door and eventually to call the police. The witness was only told about what happened and he did not witness any of the events that precipitated the incident.

Micheal Griffe, liar, to Investigator Neil Spector.

 Defendant verbally abused the witness, who called the police. The police eventually came, but defendant had apparently left.

The witness testified at the restraining order hearing on this matter.

Notaro’s statement to prosecutor Martin Boags about April 12th when the case proceeded to trial.

The witness stated that the LAPD responded to this incident, but defendant had left by the time they arrived.

Allison Hart’s signed respondents brief to the 2nd District of the Appeals Court. They would affirm Judge Gerald Rosenberg's very wrong and very suspect ruling and strangely enough I would be illegally jailed and unable to attend the oral hearing scheduled for November 16th 2009. Ahem!!!

The police responded to Largo on the evening of  April 12th 2008, and saw the sisters.

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