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The Jessners of Pasadena -- A true tale of Poly Parent, Judge Samantha Jessner, and her insane abuses of power in Division 95 of the Los Angeles Superior Court

In the last day, the Board of health and welfare, in Sacramento, is googling, "Judge Samantha Jessner." So is the County of Los Angeles. The County of Los Angeles's search term is " Samantha Jessner judge alhambra." Lots of hits from Pasadena, to all my blogs referencing Samantha Jessner. Is it possible this vicious bitch is reading it and getting pissed off? What fun. Sociopaths like her and Gregozek respond to common sense or righteous indignation with self defensive rage. It is depressing  how incapable they are of redemption.It defies the narrative that non sociopaths expect.

 It would be more fun if  say Jessner read it ,from her well appointed home in Pasadena, and wept with regret and guilt.  That's the spiritual person in me talking. Then, unable to walk the earth with the weight of her own wickedness --This malfeasance ridden tortfeasor tracks me downs and BEGS for absolution. I am known to be "too forgiving," so it wouldn't be easy for me to completely harden my heart.

But, due to years of gathering evidence and learning law, I can't for a moment allow myself to think that Jessner or Stratton(or kretin karla kerlin aka kkk) would ever feel contrite. Ditto for the Tig Notaros and the Stef Willens, and the  Martin Boags and the Judge Gerald Rosenberg's and the John Gregozek's ,and the other voluminous amounts of lawless phonies and freaks that gathered together as a very pernicious Confederacy of Dunces.

What they planned to do, and almost succeeded in doing to me, and my family, for no logical or understandable reason, points to severe sociopathy on their parts. A person of conscience simply does not participate in such "activities." All the psychoanalyzing and all the benefits of doubt can be offered them, and you'd have to come up with: OMG, these people are plain evil. You'd then be left with a void in your soul because there never can be forgiveness or true closure when conscience is missing.

As a non sociopath, I admit to wanting that kind of filmic moment.  But, as a someone who has been battered by certain realities, I recognize that expecting contriteness,or even any cognizance of guilt, from the likes of those mentioned is as futile as it gets. Pass the pipe dream.

I've been told that my disgust and hatred belongs more with Tig Notaro and Stef Willen. They are right about Willen but when it comes to Tig Notaro, her bad childhood, and her chronic lying serve as somewhat of a mitigating factor.   In the end(thought the end is really nowhere near) , my most overwhelming feelings of disdain and  repulsion go to the likes of Allison Hart, Jessner, Stratton, Judge Gerald Rosenberg, Judge Mark Mooney, Judge Jaqueline Conner, Kerlin, Fruin etc.

Why? Because unlike Tig Notaro, who admits to a failure to graduate the 9th grade and other signs of a screwy childhood, the Allison Harts and Jessners of the word, got the best educations and every opportunity. Judge Maria Stratton and Jessner are even married to fancy pants attorneys. Maria Stratton's husband, Paul Sadowsky, even professes to be a Civil Rights lawyer. Gregory Jessner is a famed federal prosecutor who went after the Aryan Nation. He was also denied a judgeship for sketchy sounding reasons. Hmmm, the Jessners of Pasadena, are seeming more and more like some scary scary Poly Parents. Run Poly Parents, run!
 I'm sure they go to church. Or synagogue. How can they sleep at night much less present themselves as upright citizens, day after day? The boggles the mind feeling is overwhelming.  They live as pillars of their communities.
By all indications, these two women can't point to any mitigating factors. Samantha Jessner is the daughter of Patricia Philips, a fancy member of the Bar and a money maker for the Jessner Philips lawfirm in Los Angeles. She was the first female head of the California Bar. No wonder Jessner doesn't seem to consider facing accountability for her crimes. She is so well connected and she looooooooooves it.

She and her husband know not to burn the wrong bridges and a google search reveals that they donate non stop to political candidates.
 The trespasses against humanity of Jessner and Stratton  strike me as more obscene than the twisted lies of Notaro. As bad as she is she couldn't have anticipated how Allison Hart and Marty Singer would own the cops and courts in L.A county.

What they(Jessner and Stratton for the purpose of today's post) have done and how they have done it is being researched and then organized. It is so over the top insane-- what they did in case 8CA10541-- that the presentation of their crimes must be done well, and in a way that does not permit too much confusion. I can only do it once, and therefore it must be done near perfect. Law and evidence must be presented and understood by the layman, as well as by any lawyer or legal professional, that might be interested in seeing a system gone made in the case where an innocent defendant refused to plea to a non violent misdemeanor allegation. It is not easy to tell a tale with so many villains, and with so many years of coverup.

Though I am a bit of a long in the tooth (and long winded)Nancy Drew, much mysteries are still beyond me. Is the Board of Health and Welfare finally going to do something to stop Samantha Jessner from her obscene abuses of power? Will they put a halt to her oppressive regime schemes? Will they tell her that we are supposed to be a law abiding country, and strip her of all the power she has so wantonly abused? Will they then haul her off to a long stay in the most unpleasant of Federal Prisons? No seconds of brown hotdogs for you, Samantha.  I doubt it.

What's with the county always looking her up? Who is this County and what power do they have to stop her?Why is the County of Los Angeles looking up " Judge Samantha Jessner alhambra court," You'd think that when so brazenly corrupt in my case, and then the case of Melissa Balin, Samantha Jessner must have screwed people over all her life.

 Or, are they looking at my blogs in the hopes I'll say something that crosses into some territory wherein they can harass me or silence me? Surely, there are decent people in legal land that would not tolerate the sort of depravity exhibited in my case and the case of Melissa Balin. Depravity is a strong word. You tell me, dear readers googling from strange places, is using your court to assist prosecutors in terrorizing and ultimately destroying defendants, who won't plea when the prosecution has absolutely no case, depraved? Is the idea that she sets up doctors to file false reports and then gleefully declares competent individuals as incompetent to stand trial without a shred of evidence of incompetency, not a cause for public concern?

 Her and Maria Strattton are evil, and they must be stopped, that must be clear. Karla Kerlin and Judge Robert Vanderet are well aware of these Stalinesque methods but we can't discuss them right now. We can't discuss the Vagnozzis and Byrnes too and the many many others who are well aware of what Division 95 is really used for, and stay silent year after year.

Is the usage of the supposed "humane court," on San Fernando Road(The only mental health court in California. hmmm) as a front to punish defendants who won't plea when innocent a little bit scandalous? You would think. Doesn't it strike the modern American mind as something only done in faraway regimes? And, why would very privileged and rich women like Samantha Jessner and Maria Stratton be so crazed that they would even entertain such dark age means, much less carry them out? What is in it for them? Political power is my guess. I can't comprehend it on any personal level, but something must be motivating these depraved ladies.

 I recently read a post online where someone said that Judge Samantha Jessner is being investigated. Ah, hope springs infernal(infernal is intentional.) It is one of my fondest wishes that Judges Samantha Jessner and Judge Maria Stratton are investigated, and unbenched. I would like to see them indicted and convicted by a jury of my peers. I firmly believe they should also be imprisoned for years in the Patton asylum for the criminally insane, but unbenching would be a start.

As it stands, these diabolical ladies, plot nefarious mental competency schemes, while appearing to the world as distinguished people. They loot the tax payer and enrich themselves, and not enough good people are willing to do anything about it. Those that do know are often not in positions to stop the madness inflicted by human monsters such as Judge Samantha Jessner and her predecessor in Division 95, Judge Maria Stratton.

Many are stripped of all their rights and locked up without any crime committed by anyone but Jessner and Stratton. Horror stories of Elder abuse in Division 95 and conservatorship fraud will have to be told by others for now.

Why write this and not just wait to present the final product? Because recently I became aware that there are other victims of Division 95 out there, and they search hungrily for any commiseration, or information. Some are not able to tell their stories. This blog post is for them and to let them know that others have been victimized, and are working to expose these vile judges and the vast conspiracy that permits Division 95, in the Los Angeles Superior court, to be used as a deadly weapon against innocent and very sane human beings.

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