Monday, March 18, 2013

Open letter to Judge Maria Stratton and Judge Samantha Jessner and Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz

Not dear Judge Samantha Jessner and Judge Maria Stratton, and dear Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz,

Firstly, Ms. Diaz, Recuse Recuse Recuse. Judge Jessner is a bonafide monster. Unless your client is connected she is doomed when facing Judge Jessner. Literally doomed, since Jessner likes to lock people up in mental hospitals if she is requested to do so by the more powerful party. Their is monetary as well as professional benefit for her in doing so. And, that is motive enough when dealing with Jessner. Be warned. It appears that the defendant, Devin Ebanks, might be the more powerful party. Don't slack off and don't let Jessner go unchallenged.

Now, I'll address but two of the criminal monstrosities that have the gall to  insist you call them "Your honor."

Maria and Samantha,stop yourselves. Do it for your children, if nothing more. Have yourselves committed to Gateways or Patton immediately. Maybe Haldol will neutralize you enough so you no longer present as dangerous menaces to society. Take responsibility and stop ruining the lives of those who don't appear to benefit your insatiable need for money or power. What a waste of words. There can be no doubt, at this point, that Judge Maria Stratton and Judge Samantha Jessner,are deaf to appeals to common decency or sense. They are twisted and wicked enough to collude with members of Carmen Trutaniches's regime, and with mutant maniacs, such as John Gregozek, and his roly poly supervisor, and proven psychopath, Jeffrey Dunn, in travesties from Stalin's playbook. Looong story, but one that cannot be suppressed for much longer.

You make six figures, ladies. You are pillars of the community. You get to have lawyers kiss you ass all day and you get to put people in contempt, and throw them in jail, if they piss you off. You have it made.Why are you still so criminal? How did you get so bad? I want to read a biography. I'm so fascinated as to how you can stand yourselves. And, you are so much more criminal than any defendant that has stood before you. I'd bet the majority of them, would not try to destroy people like me or Melissa Balin, as you did. How many more did you do this to? We will find out. I am overcome by the overwhelming sense of futility of trying to appeal to consciences that don't exist.

Judge Maria Stratton, like a pedophile priest, has been moved to Van Nuys. And, I will say without one shred of fear of a defamation claim, that Judge Maria Elena Stratton, is no better , and very possibly much worse, than a pedophile priest .There in Van Nuys, I'm hoping she doesn't get much chance to steal liberty and to render the competent and the good into traumatized survivors. I guess her assignment to Civil is some progress. Not really. This creature deserves Prison-- hard time. Judge Maria Stratton is willing to terrorize and destroy an adorable Holocaust survivor, and she is willing, without one shred of evidence, to have innocent defendants committed to Patton.
That's KGB stuff, Stratton. How long do you think you can get away with what you've done? Is the world and America so cynical and lost that we tolerate judges in our courts using their benches to forcibly medicate and hospitalize wrongly accused defendants who won't cop a plea? What did you do to the federal defendants you were paid to advocate for? I sense a Pandora's box of suffering exists due to you.
 Judge Maria Stratton, without shame or pause, calls on depraved quacks such as Dr. Franscisco Velarde, and the long known to be fraud, Dr. Khaushal Sharma, to falsify reports, but they don't even bother to make it look legit. Stratton is so sure of not being held accountable for her evil. What is up with that?How is she so chillingly assured? How many people did this sociopathic shrew, Judge Maria Stratton, screw when she was the Federal Public Defender, I wonder? What a chilling and ugly character. Then, she counts on blowhard bozos like Judge Richard Fruin, to hide her crimes. All I can say is that it can't stand and it won't. There is the Brandon Raub case , the Susan Lindeneur case, and the Moshe Joseph case, and there are more.

Then, there's Jessner. Judge Samantha Jessner, serial human rights abuser,  Poly mom, Pasadena society lady, who is now making rulings in a civil matter.

What is this about? She's supposed to be in Division 95, where she is on call to whatever it is that will advance her insane lust for power. They made her a supervisor there though she clearly never even bothered to learn the laws.  Power couple, Gregory and Samantha Jessner, should scare the hell out of us all. This is a woman who is willing to pretend she is African American to steal a judgeship. This is someone who smiles and jokes as she breaks every law and spits on every amendment of the Constitution. This is a woman who makes Nurse Ratchet seem cuddly. If it is true that she has demoted to Civil it will be mildly cheering for her victims. We're stuck with mildly cheering till true justice arrives. It's sad.

Ok, gals. Hope that my words spark some distant speck of conscience. Back to the work of seeing to it-- that you never cause such harm again.


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