Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sociopathic judges, Maria Stratton,and Samantha Jessner, demoted to civil courts

The good news is that Judge Maria Stratton and Judge Samantha Jessner, have been prevented, for the moment, from making rulings that steal the liberty of their fellow Americans. The really good news will come when society gets to see these two lawless sociopaths hauled away to a long stint in prison. I sure won't be putting money on their books.
According to a new Maria Stratton victim, on the robeprobe website, Stratton only steals money from Americans now. Jessner has only been recently placed in Division 93 in Stanley Mosk, and so we don't yet know what sorts of injustices she is now unleashing against civil litigants.
 It can easily be surmised, The Jessners and the Strattons and the Karla Kerlins(not sure if she is relegated to civil in East Los Angeles,) are only empowered to deny those grieviously wronged their right to redress their grievances. If say the defendant is the city of Los Angeles,  these monstrosities will dismiss the claims and cite no applicable law. The city or county will never lose. Richard Fruin and Maria Stratton and now Jessner will make sure of it. It's a nifty scheme. Carmen Trutanich is a fan.
Maria Stratton and Richard Fruin are a match made in heaven. Two fat slobs in extra large polyester robes. Bad judges and their shameless bias is dangerous stuff and calling them fat slobs dilutes the scary reality that these sociopathic beasts represent. But, sometimes it lets off steam. I was left with an excess of steam. So sue me.
Very similar to the situation with pedophile preists, the only punishment for these treasonous tortfeasors is to move them around and around. There probably is some hope that they will wise up and change their ways. But, this is misplaced. The clear presence of no conscience in these three makes it impossible to anticipate change. It's like hoping Manson will suddenly became sorry. It doesn't happen.
Jessner has been moved a good five times since being awarded a judgeship in 2007. The fact that she was awarded a judgeship based on her being an African American is for another post. I very much doubt that Judge Samantha Jessner is African American but I guess she just might not look it. Anything is possible.  If the Poly parents only knew how sick and sinister is this Kidspace supporter and Poly mom, Judge Samantha Jessner. Her poor kids will be the only ones who really suffer. That is if they are not so already soiled that they are mini monsters ready to sprout into full blown monsters like their mom. I do wonder if Patricia Philips is aware and supportive of her daughter's dirty deeds. Is it an apple didn't fall far from the tree situation? Is that crop so connected and so rotten that any attempt to stop the rot... futile? Futility is a major concern nowadays.
 Not only is this shuffling around not sufficient censure -- it's absurd if you consider these people's crimes. Very few even are aware that immoral mendacious asses like Richard Fruin,Judge Samantha Jessner, and Judge Maria Stratton are in civil cause they did very bad things when assigned criminal cases. Very few know that these scruple free freaks are in civil court because civil is viewed as a step down from the less elite criminal courts. I'm not sure about Fruin's demotion but I do know that Stratton and Jessner's presence in civil is due to their depraved pro malicious prosecution behaviors in certain criminal cases. More of that, soon. Mindblowing stuff.

The poor civil plaintiff or defendant has no idea about the sordid pasts of evil folk like the judges discussed. They will see Judge Jessner and they will not have enough info to distrust her. And, distrust they must. Trusting Judge Jessner will lead to much worse than heartbreak. Trusting any of the judges mentioned in this post, is a big mistake. I can only do my bit and hope some fine soul is spared what I have not been spared. And, while I'm at it . I'm gonna write  an open letter to children who might need some career advice.

Open lettter to children who might need vocational assistance.
If you want to be a shameless criminal become a judge or a preist or a prosector. These are the  only three jobs where you can really less loose with your sociopathy and face no real punishment. Not only will you not be jailed for your contempt of court and law and humanity, but you will be handsomely paid and you will be considered a respectable member of society. Well, priests don't get paid much and prosecutors are not rich... Kids, if you want to be a criminal, and be rich and powerful -- become a judge. It's easier than you can imagine. Just cheese up the right creeps and grease the right palms and you too can destroy anyone you want. The only requirement is that you have a really bad character. Robes and gavels are free of cost, I'm told.


This tasty recent tidbit from the robeprobe website:

She is a STANDARD of  Pro Defense Bias (CIVIL).  If you think about a pro defense biased judge, you must think about Judge Maria Stratton.  Appointed by the heinous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, she does not care about justice, law, or legal precedents.  She will rule because you are in her court room, and she will rule against a poor plaintiff.  She is Pro Insurance, Pro Public Entity, Pro Large Company - she is Pro Defense (CIVIL) Judge 

It seems that son of nazi, Arnold Shwartzennegger, really filled the benches with riff raff. It seems doubly shameful that a woman who was purported to be a public defender is so wicked. The mind reels at the knowledge that Judge Maria Stratton has destroyed untold amounts of lives, under the guise of advocate. The treachery is downright Shakespearean. Judge Maria Stratton was a rabidly pro prosecution judge when she lorded over the sham mental health court. So pro prosecution that it became pro malicious prosecution and Maria Stratton became openly complicit in schemes reminiscent of Stalin. Ask Dr. Kaushal Sharma and Dr. Francisco Velarde if you don't believe me. On second thought, they can't fess up. Too much to lose. So many scared or complicit witnesses to the crimes of Jessner and Stratton. When will some of them finally speak out??? Best not to hold the breath and best to just slowly but surely present the evidence to those who may be able to make a dent.

Now, allowed still,to be on the loose, Stratton sits smugly in Civil Court. Van Nuys. Is that a backwater or what? She now can be pro defense for the public entities that screwed over the victims of the prosecutions that she aided and abetted. Full circle? Hmmmm.
A pox on the houses of such dishonorable sewer snipes.

Is this what happens when Marty Singers number one client, and a son of a nazi, gains power in modern day America? The Terminator's reign has really left a black stain on the world and the stain will last and last...
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