Tuesday, April 9, 2013

John Gregozek is a fixated madman! The Threat Manufacturing unit is the pits

Oh my! Month after Month, John Gregozek types into google, " John Gregozek" followed by the month. Give him credit, this guy knows what month it is. Last month he typed in "John Gregozek March 2013" and just yesterday he typed in " John Gregozek April 2013." This lawless criminal knows the year too. Let's give him a hand. No, let's not. The fact that he does know the year and month suggests he might be too competent to be excused his criminality and fraud and evil. Unless Dr. Kaushal Sharma, Dr. Francisco Velarde, or Dr. Kristin Ochoa are offered a nice sum of money to declare him incompetent to stand trial... this vicious buffoon will not be given the luxury of spending his life in Patton state hospital. I am sure Jeffrey Dunn can barter a deal where he gets Martin Boags to "wrap it up" and make sure that John Gregozek is never responsible for his epic crimes against the Spitzberg family and the state of California.
As a student of psychology, I do wonder what John Gregozek is thinking when he obsessively puts his name into the search engines, month after month after month.
My guess is that this scary menace to society is plagued with a very pernicious form of narcissism. My sense, over time, is that this man has absolutely no understanding of right and wrong. To John Gregozek , might is right. End of story. He percieves his victims emnity as some intolerable affront. What a nutcase. John Gregozek should be ecstatic that year after year he has been allowed to be a free man, despite the many felonies he commits and despite the destruction he wreaks on those vastly superior to him, in every way. This felonious monster, This moronic automoton, LAPD defective,John Gregozek, is, for the moment, above the law.
Maybe, he inserts his nasty name monthly because he is half human. Fretting and fussing from his ill gotten home in Huntington beach. Waiting for the knock on the door from the Feds. Maybe, he feels guilty even. Nah, John Gregozek doesn't feel guilt. Most likely, he figures he did so many dirty things that the law of averages is working against him. He did it all to get Marty Singer and Singer's client's to be pleased with his "work" so Gavin Debecker can one day soon make John Gregozek a rich man. Jeffrey Dunn approves and is supportive of these schemes. It does shock the conscience. Ouch. My aching conscience. I have a conscience concussion.  Perhaps, Gregozek, is a sweaty mess, as he considers that all his corruption and evil will lead to nothing but disgrace. Perchance, this scabrous psychopath, regrets his choices in the Spitzberg case. Had he and his partner, James Hoffman, only did the right thing, they would not be in any nervous position.
Who knows.

I only know that it is mildly therapeutic for me to see him googling himself, and finding my blogs.I know that he can never file a viable defamation claim. I know that if he were to file such a claim he would end up in prison, since it will open up his crimes for all to see. He is so twisted and deluded he most likely feels slandered. Too bad, Mr. bitch, I say. You're very bad acts led to me being defamed and devastated, beyond recognition.
The comments of LAPD or TMU Detective, James Hoffman, have become so tragically comical, in the case of the people vs. Alisa Spitzberg. In 2008, I begged LAPD Detective James Hoffman, to just go to the Tsunami coffee house to talk to the manager. Tsunami(ironic name considering) is minutes from the Threat Management's office in Downtown L.A This alone would confirm that Notaro had invented a push and a tirade for that day. Hoffman sort of chuckled and said, " We're not going to coffee shops to interview witnesses... for ... this."
Then, these tortutious assholes went to Orange County and harrassed the Brummer family for.... this. Then, they stole thousands upon thousands of dollars from me and my family... for this. Then, they stole my privacy and my liberty for.. this. They stole even more. We believe that Hoffman and Defoe and Suzanne Lopez and Cletus Carlton don't feel good about this unit's participation in this travesty. Just a hunch based on body language. Alas, Gregozek and Hoffman never even spoke in person to Stef Willen and Tig Notaro and therefore couldn't see body language. That is bizarre and suspicious, alone. They do claim to have responded to a residence and .... nothing.  What a bunch of soulless sewer snipes. I resent being set up and railroaded by a plain looking simpleton like John Gregozek. So sue me. Please.

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