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Los Angeles Police Department Threat Management Unit
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In the uncivilized celebrity sycophantic Los Angeles, the Threat Management Unit (TMU) is a gang of dangerous criminals masquerading as an elite stalking unit. They handle only cases where they see dollar signs as a reward of them stalking and harassing any individual that the Lavely and Singer law firm wants them to. Other big shot law firms also own this unit, but only Lavely and Singer can manage to get such super services for obscure and homely comedians such as Mathilde “Tig” Notaro. Jeffrey Dunn, the supervisor of this bogus unit that caters to deranged celebrity celebrities or celebrity wannabes such as the supposedly cancer stricken Mathilde “you better call me tig” Notaro, is not embarrassed to admit that he arrests people for writing about his dirty deeds, on a blog, and John Gregozek readily admits that he files charges based solely on the fact that Lavely and Singer directs him to. ” You sued her, didn’t you.” Was his rationale for using the weight of the state to crush the non Lavely and Singer party. Tig “My doctors told me I have a 7 percent chance of recurrence of cancer,” Notaro is impressed that the LAPD is paying for her to win defamation suits and to kill off the competition too. What service. All for a dessicated hack like me? She may ask in her more realistic moments.
This junior high school dropout, Tig Notaro, is impressed and pleased with her investment in calling upon the Lavely and Singer Law firm. She could not pass ninth grade on three ocassions but now gets to destroy college graduates with the helpf of these TMU cops and their fancy conferences. She loves it that she was able to hire a while unit to do her bidding as a result. If not for the smiting, it is money well spent, I guess.
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) created the first Threat Management Unit, the Los Angeles Police Department Threat Management Unit, in 1990 after the murder of actress Rebecca Lucile Schaeffer.[1][2][3][4][5] The lovely Ms. Schaeffer is rolling in her grave at the thought of what is now being done in her name. Over the years, the TMU has terrorized many innocent civilians as they sought to curry favor with the likes of Martin Singer and Jay Lavely. If red faced dunderheads such as John Gregozek keep satisfying Marty Singer’s insatiable lust for power and wealth, John Gregozek, can play cop for just a short while longer, before Marty will hook him up with Gavin Debecker or Michael Zona. Big money to be made if he doesn’t get prosecuted and imprisoned first. He can always rely on Robert Martin too. Martin is a big fan and a client of the Lavely and Singer law firm and is the founder of the TMU, lo and behold. Robert Martin actually retained Lavely and Singer in a lawsuit against a David Waddel and Penguin Publishing. Soon Waddel and Penguin, were bullied into retracting the truth from the pages of Waddel’s book, “The Mansions of Eden.”John Gregozek will make mad money as a “Celebrity Security Specialist.” Jeffrey Dunn encourages it so no worries for John Gregozek.Carte Blanche for this bozo to abuse his badge in any way he sees fit.
Dr. Kaushal Sharma and Dr. Francisco Velarde too will clean up good if they just falsify more reports and wait a little longer. All the chess pieces are in place as long as Carmen Trutanich, is on board, and he has been a great supporter of Jeffrey Dunn and his due process disregarding scoundrels. Many city, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including agencies from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and South America; as well as prominent security consultants will one day shake their heads at the outrages perpetrated by this mercenary bunch of avaricious assholes aka the TMU. It is only a matter of time before these depraved buffoons are exposed and disgraced.
In April 2008, the LAPD TMU teamed up with a Lavely and Singer attorney, then called Allison Sievers( but ever since her messy divorce from Sean Sievers .she is now just Allison Hart.) They then used tax payer funds to try and involve the Los Angeles Police Department Mental Evaluation Unit (MEU) because they have learned from history that Stalin used the mental health system to destroy and discredit his opponents. The MEU in this case was not dirty enough and refused to consent to the dirty devices of the supervisor of these Threat Manufacters( Copyright Coyote Shivers)In case 8CA10541, Sergeant Angela Lucie, and the a chunky woman who came to raid the home of law abiding citizens, refused to play along and Jeffrey Dunn and his dastardly underlings had to work harder to railroad the innocent woman . Allison Hart demanded that Jeffrey Dunn and John Gregozek use their badges to aid and abet her and her client, and the rest is really kind of a history. John Gregozek, Martha Defoe, Cletus Carlton, Suzanne Lopez,and James Hoffman must have felt some form of mental health crisis when they realized how very low they had gone and now reached rock bottom as they terrorized a Holocaust Survivor at the behest of Lavely and Singer. Nevermind, that these sworn police officers were willing to jail and try to destroy bright and good people in the most vicious ways imaginable. They should be prosrate with shame. When they are engaging in acts of violence against the public, The TMU will keep on wasting have thousands of tax payer dollars utilized to bring in the MEU and whatever kind of freak is in willing to break all laws to assist sinister cretins such as Jeffrey Dunn and his band of mean morons. If an MEU agent is paid handsomely they will comply with the money making bounty that Jeffrey Dunn is offering them for their complicity in such dark age agreements.
The primary mission of the LAPD’s sham TMU unit, is to ensure the success of the civil cases of the clients of the Lavely and Singer Law firm. It is has proven to be a lucrative arrangement for the likes of John Gregozek and his sinister Supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn. This unit will continue to terrorize the diverse communities of the City of Los Angeles by failing to investigate the lies of Tig Notaro and Stef Willen and other aspiring or actual celebrities who retain the TMU via their retaining the right law firms. This is causing huge expense to the tax payer as the TMU defectives continued with their abnormal fixation on assisting the Lavely and Singer law firm win their civil cases. The TMU unit on November 4th 2009 continued to demonstrate an abnormal fixation / obsession/ with using their badges to railroad clients of entertainment law law firms, and have generated a long-term pattern of unsolicited acts of visitation, telephonic and/or written correspondence in a threatening manner toward those that might win a case against a client of the Lavely and Singer law firm or other well positioned individuals. They brought 18 people on one date and it was very costly and completely illegal. It was evil, actually.
The TMU responsibilities include the following:
  • Do not Investigate aggravated criminal and at times non-criminal, cases of stalking and other threat cases for nobodies . Make sure the alleged victim is represented by lawyers who can soon hook them up with high paying celebrity security jobs.
  • Do not Investigate threats directed to the City’s elected officials. Just falsify documents to get anyone who might file a complaint in jail. Investigation is for losers. As a result of this access, each TMU detective has been able to pay off and thus secure city attorneys and judges to grant any wish the TMU detective might have. The city workers and judges not only will get to hobnob with the celebrity clientele of the TMU but will see POS’s like Jeffrey Dunn and John Gregozek as their as protectors and therefore will grant them absolutely anything they want. Be it illegal arrest warrants or illegal search warrants. Judge Gerald Rosenberg, Judge Dennis Landin, Judge Mary Lou Villar De Longoria(the mayor’s sister) Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Robert Vanderet, Judge Mark Mooney, Judge Jaqueline Connor, Judge Richard Fruin, and Judge Samantha Jessner are but a few of the judges who will follow no law if they see Lavely and Singer and the TMU on the case,. Judge Maria Stratton will even deny bail for non violent misdemeanor cases where the defendant has no criminal history. The competency scheme now endorsed by failed mafioso, Carmen Trutanich, is also an effective tool in the arsenal of this bunch of adorable sociopaths. John Gregozek merely has to lie to Judge Maria Sratton ex parte, in chambers, and she’ll close the deal. John Gregozek and James Hoffman will write affidavits where they will seek warrants based on their status as protectors of dirty judges. They will perjure themselves without pause.
  • Fail to Investigate aggravated workplace violence cases involving City departments and employees, in any way that promotes justice. Lie lie and perjure perjure to assure Jeffrey Dunn and his gang of rapscalians get rich sooner than later.
  • Staff the City’s Threat Assessment Team with cronies who are on board with breaking all laws in order to get rich quick. Manufacture threats and violence if need be.
  • Provide training and fake research that enables all Department employees to become as dirty as them.
The TMU has highly improper business arrangement with
The Lavely and Singer law firm
Other celebrity based law firms
  • LAPD Division Major Assault Crimes Coordinators.
  • Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. Jennifer Waxler, Katie Ford, Martin Boags, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, and Kelly Boyer are good germans and have been an invaluable help to the realization of the ambitions of John Gregozek , Jeffrey Dunn et al.
  • Members of the entertainment industry or their lawyers can count on this unit to destroy their detractors. Nothing is too low or too evil for the loveable bunch at the TMU or the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit.
Cases handled by the TMU are almost exclusively mishandled by the defectives in this unit. Dunn and his host of cuddly yet corrupt cops don’t care about workplace violence (WPV) since those rarely involve hot celebs or them getting invited to sexy parties. Because stalking is rarer than these guys want you to think, and they want the federal funding to keep up their charade, The TMU has repeatedly invented incidences of harrassment and stalking and sought to railroad innocent people in the process. They are highly alert to minimizing the City’s exposure to civil liability and Judge Richard Fruin and other players in the Racket that is the Los Angeles Legal system is there to assure that this unit gets away with their serious crimes against civilians and the tax payers of California[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18]
In conjunction with the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) the TMU plans, coordinates, staffs and co-hosts the Annual Threat Management Conference; a four-day international conference dedicated to buffets and shmoozing and time to devise new ways to bullshit and screw over anyone unlucky enough to be on this repulsive bunch’s radar.
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