Friday, April 26, 2013

More ringing endorsements of Carmen Trutanich- Lavely and singer and Jeffrey Dunn of the LAPD's TMU

Hot off the wires. World Exclusive etc.

At a buffet luncheon/press conference, Jeffrey Dunn, of the LAPD's fabulous celeb lovin Threat Management Unit, has come forth to try to prevent the downfall of Carmen Trutanich. Dunn was flanked by his cronies( and Trutanich super supporter attorney's) Marty singer and Allison Hart. No expense was spared by the tax payers, in providing this bunch of gluttonous fatties, with  a 7,000 item buffet, and a security detail fit for Obama.

Both men, and the creature that is Allison Hart, are power players in L.A politics, who have benefited enormously from Trutanich's policy of encouraging the LAPD's Threat Management Unit, to be mobilized-- to spare no expense in their effort to assure victory for the civil matters of clientele of law firms, that promote celebrity career longevity.

Jeffrey Dunn, was approached by Marty, after Anthony Pellicano, was out of commission, due to federal prison issues. Ever since that fateful day, the dwarfish, Detective Dunn,  has filled the void. More endorsements by more mental cases, can be expected before May.

In other news: The Catholic church has elevated Carmen Trutanich  to patron saint of the preservation of the careers of perjuring wanna be celebs.Without him, the public would have zero opportunity to hear of the exploits of Tig Notaro. The majority of people still have no idea who Notaro is, no matter how much money she has spent to battle her fierce case of aggressive obscurity, by aggressively publicizing her alleged cancer.  
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