Monday, April 29, 2013

Apology to Los Angeles City Attorney, Elizabeth Mitchell

Most dear Liz,

You have been reading my blog, daily. I imagine that the financial crisis has passed. I hope you are enjoying my latest posts. Now for my profuse apology: For the longest time I thought you were a low level City Attorney. I judged you on your cheap suits and hickish face. You looked lowclass, and we were snobbish. That was wrong of us to judge you the fact that you look so shabby. You said stupid immature things, and we assumed you were a small fish in that sewer of a pond that is the Los Angeles City Attorney's office. You wrote insane e-mails where you put demands in ALL caps. We had a good laugh with those. Other lawyers were shocked by your lack of decorum. We assumed you were inexperienced.

We were sure that Carmen Trutanich send the bottom of the barrell to defend against our lawsuit against Gregozek et al. It was almost insulting. We should have known that he would send a big shot like you to fight it. It was a multimillion dollar suit, and if the case was ever exposed, John Gregozek, James Hoffman, and the rest, would have to criminally prosecuted. Deputy City Attorneys Martin Boags, Felise Kalpakian, Jennifer Waxler, Kelly Boyer, Bernie Brown, and Katie Ford would also have to be prosecuted for fraud and obstruction of justice. They would have been disbarred there and then.You know it and we know it. Let's not even get into the judges and Vagnozzi in the DA's office.
Just recently, google, told me that you are a top Trutanich Henchman. I had no idea you were so important. You represented Charlie Beck himself. My, Gregozek and Hoffman must feel important that you represented them too.

 You, Bradley Rothenberg, Martin Boags, Jennifer Waxler must be praying to your god(Satan, my guess) that Trutanich doesn't lose in May. If someone remotely ethical takes over, you will all be left out in the cold. I presume you all will find another way to screw over people, to climb some creepy ladder.
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