Thursday, April 18, 2013

The intense joys of stat counter, and some thoughts on Jessner Philips LLP, and other ISSUES for the los angeles city attorney to enjoy

Dearest stat counter,
I love you. I love you, my sweet ass stat counter. Yesterday, you were so much fun. 388 hits. I tried to post it, but the formatting went nuts. I blame it on blogger, not you. Don't you worry. I posted stats that made it very clear that the city attorney of los angeles, and its shabby minions, have nothing better to do that look at the blogs of those they try to railroad. Even if they successfully railroad you, they still keep looking. I had to delete it because it didn't take. This time, however, I have a different idea as to why exactly they keep looking at every morsel I might write. That will be for the next post.
 I also saw so many looking up Judge Samantha Jessner, and Judge Maria Stratton.And, then someone in Virginia was googling "Tig Notaro liar." Oh, when that is presented in a way, that will only make sociopaths shrug -- how sweet that will be.
For the first time, the ip for Jessner Philips LLP showed up. Tons of lawfirms and Pasedena Ip's for months now,  but never that exact one that leaves no doubt. Jessner Philips LLP, is her husband and mother's law firm. SCARY.  Scary not because I'm scared. Scary because you just know that Judge Samantha Jessner felt so above the law, due to the status and power of her mother and husband. Google Gregory Jesnner and Patricia Phillips for an idea. Not an uneducated guess to figure that Judge Samantha Jessner was sure that she'd face no exposure and no censure for her role in Trutanich and company's Stalinesque competency schemes in Division 40, and then Division 95 of the Los Angeles Superior court. Not to mention the astoundingly bogus and illegal search warrants , Jessner, would grant The Threat Management Unit, in the course of their conspiracy and cover up in the Spitzberg case. Some would say that Jessner is facing some accountability for her extreme abuses of power in my case, and then the others. I can't call it the "People vs. Alisa Spitzberg," because the people would never have approved it. Not in a million years.
If one considers the actions of Jessner in my case, and the Balin case, she has thus far gotten away with murder. Possible demotion to civil court? This is sufficient "punishment" for an American judge committing serious and sinister crimes, from the bench? A cushy and high paying job at the Stanley Mosk, in exchange for Jessner granting illegal exigent circumstance search warrants, and then agreeing to the city attorney's depraved scheme to fraudulently get defendants, who refuse to plea when the charges have no merit, declared incompetent to stand trial? I won't get into the forcible medication ISSUE today. I won't get into the fact that four expert witnesses are clearly in on such outrages either cause blog posts should be breifly. That "punishment" doesn't strike me as sufficient at all, by any standard. Hard to know what punishment fits her crimes. I'd venture a sentence: a few years in federal prison and a public apology to her decimated victims.
 I won't even get into the epic wickedness and criminality exhibited by Judge Maria Stratton, today. That is for another post, stat counter, my dear.

your fan in low level spy activity,
an ever grateful, yet ever outraged alisa

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