Monday, May 27, 2013

In Defense of Carmen Trutanich and his ardent supporters, Tig Notaro, John Gregozek,Jeffrey Dunn, and Marty Singer.

Carmen Trutanich detractors such as former advocate, Deputy DA David Berger, are reveling in the ouster of Carmen " Judge Maria Stratton is my awesome bitch," Trutanich. Mike Feuer beat him by a double digit margin, and it is by all measures a " humiliating defeat." Carmen "Richard Fruin is also my awesome bitch," Trutanich  has dropped the enforced "Tru," moniker and even the less ironic, "Nuch," and prefers to be called "the guy who avoided prison even after committing massive fraud and crimes against the citizenry of Los Angeles." While detractors assume that Carmen is nursing a case of loseritis, he cackles all the way to the bank, and marvels at his state of being a free man.

His cackling is justified. Trutanich has thus far stayed prosecution free for his zealous complicity in a series of costly and very selective prosecutions. His ability to get judges such as Dennis Landin, Mary Lou Villar, Samantha Jessner, Craig Richman, John Martinez, Richard Fruin, Jaqueline Connor, Maria Stratton, Robert Vanderet, and Karla Kerlin to fix cases for him stands as a testament to his power and prestige. His ingenious idea of subverting trials, and assuring victory for prosecutors, by any means, by utilizing amenable  DA's such as Richard Vagnozzi doctors such as Dr. Kaushal Sharma, Dr. Francisco Velarde, Dr. Kristin Ochoa, and Sabrina Di Bagio, and then sealing deals with  Judges Samantha Jessner and Judge Maria Stratton, should be celebrated by tyrannical regime leaders all over the world. Instead, of being celebrated as a impressively evil mastermind, Trutanich, has had to contend with voter rejection, and with the disgust and outrage of decent people-- too stupid to digest that might is right. He is now being viewed as a deranged mook,when in fact he is a deranged mook, who should be in prison for years, and is wily enough to stay free.

One must give credit where credit is due. Trutanich survived "Dragongate," only mildly scathed. No real outcry from the masses that he was able to arrest, jail, and then have one million dollars bail agreed to by a los Angeles Judge for a non violent misdemeanor charge. He did this all the time and the public stayed silent so... what's the fuss? Due process is for the mighty, and this Croatian cretin was mighty once.

Similar detractor types hatin on Marty Singer for his being found guilty of extortion by Judge Mary Strobel, and hating on Tig Notaro for lying up a storm and getting rich off  her scams -- need to realize that bad people do real good in L.A county, and they need to back off and move on, and let the sociopaths rock on. Jeffrey Dunn already is being considered for a 7 figure income with Gavin Debecker and John Gregozek is keeping company with starlets until his payday comes to pass. Wait till Mila Kunis finds out what a holocaust survivor terrorizing psycho John Gregozek really is. That day is on it's way, Gregozek.

Carmen is now going to be running for assessor and the ass word is apt. Vote for this lessor ass for assessor in the upcoming power grabs, please .Give him any job where he can't jail innocent people. Let him play at ass-essor until prison time.

Mentally, physically, and spiritually diseased jokemiester, Tig Notaro,
will deliver her post crushing defeat support speech tomorrow evening at Jennifer Waxler's house. Notaro  has promised smarmy Carmy this" uh I'll get you the assessor job uh. I am not a lone weirdo like the vanity writer noted but a busy and popular little fellow who puts her ugly old bones on motorcycles and stuff uh me and marty boags always will have your back." 

Look at that beauty. See pic above. Who wouldn't want to stalk that rancid face ,that fringe of greasy hair stuck to a limp ear, those beady eyes, that sweaty turkey neck above her lone weirdo vest?

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