Thursday, May 23, 2013

Carmen Trutanich declares victory in city attorney race and promises to run for White house and win in 2014

Carmen Trutanich made a scathing acceptance speech after thwarting the vote count in the Run off for City Attorney, by having his opponent,Mike Feuer declared incompetent, with a directive of forcible medication.
 Carmen "True is a three letter word," Trutanich alternately bragged about the efficacy of his tactics, and threatened any voter than cast their vote against him with forcible medication and endless incarceration, in either Patton or Gateways.

Marvin Southern, Dr. Kaushal Sharma, Dr. Francisco Velarde, Dr. Kristin Ochoa,  Sabrina Di Biaggio Judge Samantha Jessner, and Judge Maria Stratton flanked the burly malicious prosecution proponent known to his friends as Carmen the King, and to his detractors as Nich the Bitch.

San Pedro Native, and now Martin Singer's most trustworthy ally in perserving Hollywood heavy hitter's Singer's no loss policy in civil litigation, introduced a new proposal to the terrified audience.

Carmen shared with city( as well as world leaders) his  proposal to spare the city expense by building even more asylums for the criminally insane in leui of regular old jails and prisons.  Once his cronies were given lucrative contracts to build such loony bins,  Dr. Kaushal Sharma, Dr. Kristin Ochoa, Sabrina Di Baggio, and Dr. Francisco Velarde would shoot up with haldol or Thorazine any  naysayers, and misdemeanor defendants,who would not accept plea bargains, when in possession of massive amounts of exculpatory evidence.

After receiving a standing ovation from Kim Jonk Ill or  Kim Jong Dung or whatever Korean world leader, was in attendance,Vladamir Putin took the podium. Putin told the  terrified L.A residents, and assorted insiders,  that if it was deduced that more money could be saved L.A County, he would grant unprecedented access to his gulags in Siberia.

Judge Maria Stratton then addressed the quivering masses gathered outside Trutanich's Main Street headquarters. She promised them that all those charged by the city attorney in Los Angeles would be denied any bail whatsoever.  The namby pamby days of her granting one million dollar bail for Graphix billboard political prisoners were long over. She pointed to Case 8CA10541 as evidence of her capacity for lawlessness . Judge Maria Elana Stratton's,  escape from  accountability, in the face of such treasonous ruthlesness, was the only evidence anyone would need. She then spoke well of the Pennyslvania judges for their ingenious scheme of imprisoning juveniles in exchange for cash, Hitler, and Judge Manuel Real. Her voice hardened as she began to castigate President Barack Obama for denying her request to be granted permission to use Guantanomo Bay's facilities to torture non violent misdemeanor defendants.
Judge Samantha Jessner quickly took the stage to inform the audience that Mike  Feuer took his first class in competency training. under the auspices of savvy yet sinister psychologist, Sabrina Di Biaggio. Di Biaggio had assured her that he still was displaying circumstantial thinking and could not rationally cooperate in the defense against such an onslaught of fraud and conspiracy.

More occurred but the most newsworthy is that Carmen announced that he would run for the presidency next year. When corrected by fan and benefactor, Tig Notaro, that she was pretty sure the elections were farther away, Nuch, warmly told her that rules were made to be broken and 2014 would see Presidential elections.
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