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Tig Notaro

The true face of Tig Notaro taken in the Los Angeles Courts as she commits her serial false accusations, perjury, subornation of perjury, fraud, and obstruction against The Spitzberg family and the people of California
Birth name Who knows. Who cares. All that matters is that an old lesbian insists it's cute to be called "tig."
Born March 24, 1971 (age 42) But, looks a good 12 years older
In a teeming sewer, United States
Medium Lies, Theft, and Manipulation
Nationality Cretin
Genres Predatory sociopathy and well planned ass kissing of those she can't stand such as Sarah Silverman. Utilizes well meaning dupes such as Louis CK and Ira Glass to promote cancer schemes.
Website or or
Mathilde O'Callaghan "Tig" Notaro (born March 24, 1971)[1] is a disturbed sheorhebeast that does some shtick, and knew how to stalk out and then to kiss the right asses. In 2008, this allowed her a middling career but one where no one but a few "comedy geeks" ever heard of any middle aged lesbian who insisted she be referred to as "tig," After more than ten years of repeating the same stale jokes, this tig became real dissatisfied with her static state of complete obscurity. In 2008,she lost her last dim marble, and began to create fake stalkers out of those that she feared would pose competition to her in comedy. After, that didn't do the trick and she was facing no real prospects, she began to fake cancer and too seek ways to capitalize off such invented illness. 

When it came to her desire to invent a stalker so she could appear desired and famous,she was savvy enough to retain the Lavely and Singer firm, when her victims, didn't appreciate being pawns on the road to this tig's quest for fame and fortune. They made reasonable and good faith efforts to make any sense of Notaro's attempts to ruin their names and careers, and they sought to resolve the strange mess Notaro had made  for no understandable reason. Notaro having no explanation that would be satisfactory, chose to "ignore" those that had no interest in her attention other than to have her stop making career destroying lies up about them. After failing to get this gutter snipe to stop it, they wrote mockingly of Notaro on the Datalounge Message Board. This was done after tig notaro refused to discuss her decision to falsely accuse Alisa Spitzberg of violence and have her removed from Largo, under false pretenses and then Notaro's decision to try to ban Alisa from any comedy club she might go to.
 As a means to subvert exposure, and then liability in a defamation law suit filed by her victim, Alisa Spitzberg, Notaro and Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer relied on  Marty Singer's connections with Judge Gerald Rosenberg, and the LAPD's Threat Management Unit to secure Notaro, Christopher Fairbanks, Thomas Sharpe, and Kjell Bjorgen with an emergency ex parte restraining order. No evidence neccessary. No relationship to any of these people necessary.

 LAPD defective, John Gregozek, hated being in LA , with just a cop's pay, and so when he was summoned by Allison Hart from Lavely and Singer( the firm that shut down Wikileaks) he was anxious to do anything that would get Allison Hart and Martin Dori Singer to put in a good word for him when he applied to Gavin Debecker et al.  He quickly saw that Notaro was lying and was engaging in a vendetta. But since he was promised celebrity friends and wealth by Martin Singer,  he put in a call to the court of crony, Judge Gerald Rosenberg. With  no hearing or notice or one bit of evidence whatsoever, such an emergency ex parte order was granted ,Not even one statement was made by Notaro in support.
 If this was not enough, Notaro then promised unethical Hollywood bottom feeders such as Stef Willen, Michael Griffee, and Brian Whitaker jobs and perks to appear in court and falsify allegations. With obvious perjury on the part of all witnesses for Notaro, then non stop perjury by Notaro, and the denial of any due process, Judge Gerald Rosenberg( a notoriously corrupt pervert)gave this now client of Martin Dori Singer whatever she wanted. When Alisa Spitzberg filed an appeal, Tig Notaro, felt very put out. She wanted revenge. When a suit was filed in August for defamation, Tig or Mathilde or it or whatever, did not consider doing what a reasonable person would do and try to come clean -- make amends and try to fix the ugly mess she caused when she decided to stalk Alisa on the night of April 7th 2008, and to set her up as a stalker when she knew it was she that was guilty of stalking. The guess is that since Notaro is a true blue sociopath she was incapable of considering anything but making money, the joy hurting others brought her, and winning at all costs no matter the facts known to her.
As an aside:The Lavely and Singer firm and their fat and ferocious figurehead, Martin Dori Singer, sought out LAPD Detective, Jeffrey Dunn, when Anthony Pellicano took the fall, and was sent to Federal Prison. You see, Martin Singer wants to have a fine win rate so as to justify his 500 dollar an hour fee. Though he was successfully sued for Extortion by Mark "Boogie" Malin of Big Brother and Dolce fame, Mr. Singer has mostly been left unmolested as he destroys the lives of anyone who can't afford his services. Upon information and belief, Tig Notaro, is cheap and greedy, and did not want to pay the fees and instead offered Martin Dori Singer a deal he could not refuse.The deal was that if he gave Notaro a deal on his fees she would hook up Martin's Comedian wannabe daughter, Jackie Singer, with a comedy career.

Martin Singer likes to consider himself a family man. His Hollywood aspirant children, Jackie, Nola, and Grant, seem to regard him in this way. He even has a mother who survived the Aushwitz concentration camp. He fails to see the irony of his destruction of the life of Holocaust Survivor, Henya Spitzerg,  and his theft of her money and dreams. He clearly views his propensity to steal the money and liberty of those he views as an adversary i.e anyone who might win a lawsuit, as the mark of a successful attorney. If the definition of a good attorney is that they should lie, cheat and steal to win at all costs, and even jail the innocent people if that does the trick, than his definition is apt.


Early years

Notaro is a pathological liar so she would be born in Ohio and pretend otherwise. She recently claimed not only did she see no racism in the south, but no discrimination against females in comedy. It is likely that Notaro never lived a day of her life in the South, but finds that it sounds more interesting than Ohio. Her lack of any accent and her broken down mid western gym teacher appearance lead me to conclude that she and the South are strangers.
 She claims to have attended high school and that is not in dispute unless one is to consider that some school districts consider 9th grade to be junior high. Whateve the case, Notaro failed 9th grade on three occasions and  ended up a 17 year old bedwetter, and in 9th grade with 14 year olds. Interestingly, the woman she would target and defame and stalk was attending her first year of college at S.U.N. Y Albany when she turned 17.  Tig claims her class clownery caused her inability to move past ninth grade and not be able to graduate ninth grade and all,   but Alisa was also a "class clown" and this had no effect on her passing lower grades and attending college at 17 years old.
"Tig" is not a  childhood nickname but rather the kind of nonsense name an uneducated and unself aware lesbian would want to be called.[2] She dropped out of 9th grade when 10th grade was too much a pipe dream, and moved to Denver, Colorado, likely to prey on some straight woman in dire straits as is her M.O according to comedians and others who contacted me to tell me of Notaro's long standing sociopathic tendencies. Tig's testosterone was at a dangerous level during this time. She alleges that she became involved in the music industry but provides no detail since chances are she thought playing the harmonica put her as a player in the music industry. Even then her ill placed grandiosity/arrogance/delusion led her to label herself  a band manager, under the name Tignation Promotions.[5]   
Leathery lesbians who love the name "tig" and think she will build a nation based on her agrressive mediocrity and criminality are scary.


Her propensity to prey on straight woman in distress led her to Los Angeles, when a particular piece of prey was located in that vicinity.  There she learned  that she had only a real skill for kissing the ass of vulgarian potty mouths such as Sarah Silverman and whomever she deduced can advance her ambition to get lots of attention and money.
In 2011, after repeated stale no moleste jokes and kissing so much ass her lips are permanently pursed, and after doing all she could to destroy the name and life of those vastly superior to thing in every way, Notaro released her first stand-up album, Good One. It made no splash and should have been her last.
She was so damn sick of planting her mangy face up Sarah Silverman's ass (or other parts) that dangerous levels of desperation set in in 2008 and continued.  The only thing she really cared about was that a Sarah Silverman Put Pilot project titled Susan something was set to premiere on NBC. Though Tig didn't like to be seen as a lesbian, though she looked like one without a shadow of a doubt, she was willing to play a lesbian mom in order to finally get the money and fame that guided her every move. While supposedly recovering from some illness, and sitting by her mothers bed side after her mother had a freak accident, the only thing that Tig cared about i.e a tv series that would finally get her rich and famous without needing talent or charisma, was cancelled before even airing.  She was also being sued and would lose if any law was followed. The risk of her being exposed as a criminal and a vicious animal was great. Things were falling apart for this psychopath. In 2012, she laughed so hard as she plotted a way to stop her downward spiral. Aha, she laughed so hard when she decided she'd get rich by saying she had cancer.

On August 3, 2012 Notaro took to the stage and said, "Forgive me god. Forgive me Henya, Lauren and Alisa Spitzberg. Forgive me for I have sinned on such a grand scale. Forgive me god and the others mentioned and the world for the incredible cruelty and evil I perpetrated on such honest and talented people, I now stand in the place where I began my sins against them. OH LORD, have mercy on my twisted soul." No, I'm just kidding. She did not perform an honest set that night.  She instead set up a cancer show, that would be taped, and would make her rich. Mark Flanagan would of course play along(documents forthcoming)The set has been described as "instantly legendary," by Notaro and Hunter Seidman, who then would type this bullshit into press releases that Hilary Redmon of Harper Collins would submit to all sorts of publications to justify the stupid and cynical book deal wrought from Notaro's con jobs. After seeing the set, comedian Louis C.K.who was targeted by Tig Notaro to feel as sorry for her as possible, and filled with pity for someone he did not know well enough  "In 27 years doing this, I’ve seen a handful of truly great, masterful con jobs and this was one of them." Ha. Kidding again. Instead he wrote some terrible tweet that set into motion the spread of Tig Notaro's malfeasance.

Personal life


Will get to this soon