Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gregory Jessner's wife, Samantha, is much worse than any one in the Aryan nation.

Watched the Bio channel, last night. Topic: Aryan Nation in prisons. Lo and behold, who is there as their prosecutor?-- Nazi Judge Samantha Jessner's husband, Gregory Jessner. He looked sleazy. It seems as if he brought charges just to get his name out there. Typical Jessner behavior. Power Poly Parent couple, Judge Samantha Jessner and federal prosecutor, Gregory Jessner, want to be on the fast track to success. If they need to draw blood and break the backs of innocent people-- no issue for the Jessners .  Blind Ambition under the guise of crime fighting. Scary. Instead of purgatory, they live in Pasadena.
You'd have to be super sleazy to be married to someone as deeply evil as Judge Samantha Jessner. You see, Judge Samantha Jessner, went to Berkeley and Stanford. Worked as a federal prosecutor and then for the Inspector general. Then, made mad money for Boeing. On paper, she's super upstanding. In reality-- a ruthless monster willing to forcibly medicate and imprison those that face baseless charges, and thus will win at trial. In other words, works for anyone who advances her depraved level of ambition. In other words, this lady cannot be a judge. It is a travesty to let this treasonous sewer snipe make any rulings, when she should be sent to federal prison on treason charges, long ago.
Character being destiny, she now presides only over civil cases in the Stanley Mosk. Clara Folz kicked her to the curb, when it became too dangerous to keep her in the criminal courts, where she kept acting as a criminal, and not a judge.
Widely witnessed Ex partes? Check. Mocking innocent defendants before screwing them beyond their wildest imaginations? Check.Using competency schemes to terrorize defendants who wouldn't plea when innocent? Check.  Not referring to any know law relevant to competency to stand trial, nor any collateral evidence before declaring doubts to competency? Check. Taking the word of known creeps and liars such as Felise Kalpakian and Jennifer Waxler(Los Angeles City Attorneys) before making such degrading, lawless, and unjust "rulings." Running off in a huff when Melisa Balin foiled her on tape? Check. Claiming not getting along with a lawyer and seeing a psychiatrist for depression is reason enough to declare a doubt as to a defendant's competency? Check. Not appointing any lawyer before doing so? check.
What a POS is Judge Samantha Philips Jessner. Even after she saw what was done to me, and even after she participated in such darkness... she did it again to Balin? This ladies and gentlemen is sociopathy.  Samantha Jessner is a seriously scary sociopath. May god save all good people from this MENACE. I wish I could say she was merely incompetent but way too much evidence exists to show she knew exactly what she was doing.

Judge Jessner is the daughter of Patricia Philips-- a big wig in the bar and all over the Los Angeles Legal system.  She can get away with murder, and she takes advantage of that status.
Instead of using her power and prestige for good, Judge Samantha Philips Jessner, is not satisfied with her 190 k salary. No. She wants more. If that means she has to destroy the lives of Holocaust survivors, such as Henya Spitzberg, or the lives of bright law abiding citizens such as Alisa Spitzberg, and Melissa Balin-- so be it.

Gregory Jessner can redeem his grotesque choice of spouse, if he prosecutes her under the RICO statute he seems very cognizant of. Save your Pasadena Poly offspring, Gregory Jessner. Prosecute your loathsome wife for her crimes. Crimes that even the Aryan Brotherhood would be disgusted with. I'd bet that no one in the Aryan Brotherhood would sink so low as to cause this(see picture of raid by dirty unit after Jessner began a fraudulent competency nightmare. She not only dispensed with all law on that day- she dispensed with any decency or humanity as she mockingly send me off to my doom. Alas she was foiled and now I am free to write this little post.) for a Holocaust survivor, and the sweetest women in the world.
In the alternative, have your twisted monster of a wife donate all her riches to her devastated victims. Have her beg for forgiveness for subverting every law against me and Melissa Balin. Have her get to get together with her sinister judge sisters, Judge Maria Stratton, and Judge Karla Kerlin and plead for mercy from Henya Spitzberg, at the very least.
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