Monday, September 9, 2013

Semi obscure cancer comedian and depraved famewhore, Tig Notaro, is apparently dating some poor sod named missy pyle. Judge Maria Stratton is not much better than Satan bonus feature

A smattering of search terms "Missy Pyle lesbian." Or,  "Tig Notaro and Missy Pyle dating."  I imagine these are either from the worlds most lame lesbians, or from poor Missy Pyle's confused friends and loved ones. Or, her highly concerned love ones, " Why would she go gay for THAT??"

Then, it appears that "Tig Notaro controversy," is the leading search term used by the curious. So far, whatever is discovered by such terms has not halted the deranged march of the demented and dessicated hack( with the worlds most irritating name)-- Tig Notaro. We called her "it" for a while, but recently if "it" must be mentioned we refer to it as "Bug."

I figured out that I haven't effectively decimated the bug known as tig because....I have become too dependent on prayer. Too confident in God. Too convinced of Karma. Too many expectations from the Universe. A patience that tells me to hold on, and it will all make sense. Hold on, and we get what we deserve as god works in his mysterious ways. I can't say that there haven't been epic signs that such patience has been rewarded. Too many against all odds propositions have been met with mind blowing results.

When a David faces a Goliath and the Goliath is either semi smited(Cancerous comedianne, Tig Notaro,) or smited( City Attorney and consummate sociopath- Martin Boags,) you get passive in the face of divine justice. Hey, human pimple bug notaro has Lavely and Singer, but I have the good lord.When you stare down impossibility, and the impossible keeps happening-- well, it's strange, to say the least.

Some of the public(but not nearly enough for the likes of Hilary Redmon at Harper Collins, bug, and Hunter Seidman) have heard a bit about the semi smiting of ferocious anti free speech activist, Tig Notaro. Nearly none of the public have heard about the horror movie level smiting of Dirty Marty Boags.
Google Martin Boags Obituary and if Google is as it was a few months ago-- it will report on what gave me big goosebumps.

Then, just yesterday, more evidence that me comparing stalker and sexting expert, John Gregozek, to a sausage, drives John " douche" Gregozek- crazy. A shorter drive that he, James Hoffman, and Martha Defoe, took to Venice to talk only to a "residence," That's for sure. For sure, and a private joke between us and the gruesome awesome gang at the LAPD's Threat Management Unit.

John Gregozek better be getting free tickets to Tig Notaro's " How faking cancer can win you friends,"  Comedy tour. Reported on by the Jayson Blair(Or Stephen Glass or...)  of Buzzfeed-- Sandra Allen. Buzzfeed PR agent writer Sandra Allen has a motto she ascribes to her scriberly  success. " You fax it over, I'll print it."
How nice to see that an evil POS like John Gregozek can't "let it go." I won't get into Judge Samantha Jessner, and how she and her husband often access my( as of yet,) lousy posts concerning her. I mean when I see a Phillips Jessner LLP Ip, it doesn't take much guesswork to know that super twisted menace to society, Judge Samantha Philips Jessner, sees that I am not a fan.

Ah, so many more sacks of crap that appear to have escaped the long arm of the law. And, scarily enough-- when judges go bad they not only hurt adults but they are free to destroy the innocence of your youth. The picture below is pornographic. In the sense it is XXXX obscene to see one of the most dirty and vicious judges of our time, having access to the minds of children.  Though only few could be expected to see how sick is such a spectacle-- Maria Elena Stratton (and the many who know how depraved she is) knows exactly of what I speak.

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