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Cynical cancer scam alert: Tig Notaro, Nick Kroll, Lance Armstrong, Syndey Brownstone, Mother Jones and Louis CK- the vortex deepens.

As of October 5th 2012, the extreme wheeling and dealing had begun. Even a pseudo journalist, Andy Langer, would submit a free-lance article.

 Two rotten eggs,  Lance Armstrong and Matilde Notaro, had based nearly every success on false pretense. Absent real talent they both were willing to fake it until they could make it. Very literally, and by causing great damage to many innocent people.

As of August 2012, Armstrong had to have some sort of comeback and Notaro some sort of "breakout."  Time was every much of the essence, for both. A small window of opportunity set to close never to reopen if the scheming didn't reach a fever pitch.

In the last decade, Armstrong would have no interest in discussing an unattractive and unknown lesbian comedian with the irritating name of "Tig."  Visa Versa. A homely lesbian with no interest in anything but self-interest would not be concerned with a disgraced bicyclist.

But as of August 2012 both were facing career crisis, of the serious kind.

Most know what kind of crisis Armstrong would face-- the now unstoppable revelations that all along he'd cheated and lied his way to Superman status. Possible criminal charges. If those weren't pursued- a lifetime of civil liability and bad exposure.

 Very few knew what kind of crisis Tig Notaro faced as of August of 2012. Very few know that on April 25th 2012, Notaro's attorney, Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer, had given Notaro the long overdue bad news- the judge wasn't as complicit as they'd hoped. On April 25th 2012, Judge Richard Fruin had seemed to be siding with the plaintiffs and against Notaro.

Had this judge not been improperly influenced, in late August 2012 , Notaro's would be finished. Tig Toast. Exposed as a liar - the kind of liar that ruins lives and steals from her victims and the state. A criminal. A creep. A Lance Armstrong level liar.

As of August 2012, the right phone calls had not been placed to cause Judge Richard Fruin to dismiss the plaintiffs case without the slightest shred of legal basis. Judge Fruin would get the right price and allow Notaro to have free reign to scam on cancer, and so it went.

In August of 2012, both Lance Armstrong and Tig Notaro, had faced career and financial ruin . Both had had to resort to a fresh round of schemes. It was desperate: They had to stay out of prison, and save whatever they'd acquired in the years leading up to their crimes.

Enter Andy Langer, and very possibly Louis CK.  Both either complicit or just one of the many dupes that fall into such vortexes. An odd and very softball "article" was commissioned by Lance's people and for whatever reason Texas Monthly Magazine saw fit to show it to the public. I smell a Kroll, but that complicates things, so we'll forget that for now.

As those in the chattering classes might know, Louis CK, promised that "most of the money" spent for a  5 dollar download of this "Live" album of Notaro's would go to "cancer related charities."  Few know that none of it did, because by then Lance Armstrong's deal with Notaro - to work with Livestrong, was forced to fall through.

Armstrong's well publicized damage control campaign came to naught. His measured contriteness on Oprah wasn't enough. He was poison and even someone as poisonous as Tig Notaro wouldn't associate her profit with such a pariah.
 And, so if one had reason to wonder why Tig Notaro, and Louis CK had been hinting at "Cancer charities," rather than coming right out and saying say, "Susan Coman," or some similarly associated charity....
Well, that's because Notaro knew she could not involve herself in any legitimate charities. What Louis CK knew is less clear, but there is evidence that he must know more than he has let on.

She couldn't involve herself with legitimate people and legit cancer charities. Too many questions, and by then she'd learned that such questions trip liars up.

When, Armstrong's comeback went nowhere even after he participated in the bogus press piece with Andy Langer, Tig Notaro and Louis CK where left with no way to use cancer charity as a means to collect more dough for themselves.

In October of 2013, When Notaro plotted a triumphant return to some obscure creation named " The Bentzen Ball," she was left bereft of a dirty cancer charity such as Livestrong. She instead had to hope that no one would notice that now she and Ira Glass had promised to donate whatever proceeds might be gained-- to the Human Rights Campaign- An LGBT charity.

Now, we even had poor dupe, Candace Gingrich, involved. It is doubtful that any proceeds resulted from this cursed "Bentzen Ball," but it should be worrisome to anyone paying attention that Notaro had been miraculously cured of stage 2 cancer(in both breasts no less,) and didn't see fit to donate to cancer charities. It doesn't make sense.

Flash forward, or backwards(if you are stuck at the ill fated Bentzen Ball)  to May and June of 2013, and the last failing gasps of Lance Armstrong's optimism-- that he could sway back public trust.

To the rescue, unethical lesbian freelance writer, Syndey Brownstone, would write a real strange puff piece for Mother Jones. Stranger still, that Notaro, when asked of the one eye opening moment in her years of hosting some "Professor Blastoff," podcast, disingenuously , says... Hmmm. She then feigns spur of the moment as she does her part to rehabilitate .... you guess it.... Lance Armstrong.

Brownstone would go on to pen a Curve cover piece and then even a Huffington Post piece on this cancer scammer, but this is the first sign of her free Lance Armstrong articles on this dreadful duo.

(MJ stands for Mother Jones and the hungry for any lesbian celebrity presence, Syndey Brownstone.)

MJ: What's the most eye-opening subject you've tackled?
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TN: Hmm. We had a guy who used to cycle with Lance Armstrong, and he was telling us how everybody dopes. People are isolating Lance out as the bad guy when it's just a part of cycling. That was interesting.
MJ: If doping is the practice of cyclists, what's the practice of comedians?

Notaro keeps mum about her practice of falsely accusing those she views as competition. Who could blame here. Instead she drones on about how comedian aren't rambunctious or some similar bullshit.

P.S If you paid five dollars with the idea that some or a little or all of it would go to Cancer research.... I urge you to contact Louis CK or Notaro and simply ask them what charities. I guarantee you that they will be left speechless. Or, in Notaro's case she'll just make one up.

If you gave money thinking this decrepit looking woman(Notaro) needed the money for medical bills. 1) She has stated that she has the best insurance possible and doesn't need a penny 2) She has a lot of money even before cancer and doesn't need any donations 3) She has "gazillionaire" friends and doesn't need charity from strangers.

I happen to know that a dear friend of herse is a "gazillionaire." and since he wanted her help in comedy, he has repeatedly offered what he could to help her career. His name is Nick Kroll and he will testify falsely in criminal trialsn and offer the very very expansive(and very expensive) services of this Father and brother, Jules and Jeremy Kroll, and their various empires if Tig Notaro just says "Ok" And, OK she did say.

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