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Justin Beiber caught nude with dude. NSFW(lewd)

Fake title to get more readers/ witnesses. Please do excuse. Or, don't. I really can't care after what I've gone through, and what I've learned. It's interesting to care less and less and less until you barely can care at all. It's as if caring got to expensive, and you can't afford it.
So, I apologize in advance for my weak way of using Justin Beiber's nudity as a means to have you see what I need to say.
And, what I want to discuss just this moment is :
Nick Kroll, and his hold on Press People with Jewish Last Names:
Nothing as distressing to a good Jew as when a bad Jew acts terribly, in public. And, Nick Kroll is the shittiest most scary kind of bad Jew imaginable. His Fagin like visage doesn't help distance him from the specter he poses. 
Not only does this Nick Kroll have his cretin claws/ tentacles all over the comedy world, but he is dragging TONS or Journalists with Jewish last names into his tawdry universe.
When Nick Kroll began his work of using the legal system to advance in comedy- At least John Gregozek, Tig Notaro, James Hoffman,  Martha Defoe,Jeffrey Dunn, Judge Maria Stratton, Karla Kerlin, Robert Vanderet, May Lou Villar, Dennis Landin, and a few more(!??) aren't Jewish or don't appear to be.
Samantha Jessner? Maybe. Not to mention Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Judge Gerald Rosenberg, and those lawyers who managed to get illegal gag orders....under DURRESS. My pained point(that smacks of a paranoia but is actually just regular confirmed suspicions)
At this vile and vicious shmuck, Nick Kroll, actually recruiter  shlepper and son of multi millionaire, Chuck Boxenbaum, to infiltrate the crappy comedy venues in L.A. Nick wasn't forced to go to those low places due to his dad so he need Scott to keep me out of the lowly places he never needed to visit.
 How did he do so? Well, that is the only way to explain why a cockroach calling itself, Scott Boxenbaum, would infiltrate lame comedy message boards(" A special thing" in particular) to slander me in such a way that I was left gasping, perplexed, disgusted. Why would this loser do something like that?Why would a 45 year old sadsack like Scott Boxenbaum see fit to make such an effort to prevent me from performing at lame comedy venues?
My public defender saw what this mobile turd, Scott Boxenbaum, wrote and she was amazed. But, back then we didn't know that Kharlene Boxenbaum and Lynn Boxenbaum were friends and fellow Machers. Wives of billionaires.  There can be no doubt that the reason a 45 year old stranger named Scott Boxenbaum therefore would to on a crazed campaign to smear me was directly ordered by Lynn Kroll's repulsive son, Nick Kroll.
Nick Kroll recently told someone in some paper that his dad, Jules, is proud of him because he has made comedy "Entrepenurial." I can't spell that word, sorry.
 Though Nick Kroll is a liar. A liar who would submit completely invented statements for a criminal prosecution, he is not lying there.  He really has used the Kroll know how to infest the humor business. His manipulation and reach is chilling.
His list of benefactors: Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, Mike Birbiglia, John Mulany, Kujal Najimi. There are more and I am not sure of the spelling of Kujal Nahama's name but you get the point. The point? Well google them and say "Huffington Post" and you will right there see a dirty press set up where they get to look famous and successful only because they had the right friend(NICK KROLL!)
Tawdry is such understatement it hurts. How I wish it was merely tawdry. It's sinister and sick and it is of PUBLIC CONCERN. That is unless you can care less that absolutely nothing you read in the press can be regarded as credible, and that has a lot to do with too many Jews. Bad Jews. Ruthless Jews like Kroll and Greenberg and Felise Cohen Kalpakian and  Judge Gerald Rosenberg, and ....hundreds at first glance.  It pains me to expound further. I'll just say that If you google "Grantland Nick Kroll," you will see that Nick Kroll's whole career is premised on a filthy foundation. If you are forced to pay attention to his antics and those of his select friends(Tig Notaro, in particular All the press and all the posing that big big money can buy. And, does that boy have power and money. No talent. No integrity, but connections that span the globe and that can get a detractor of his, jailed and destroyed completely, if a few phone calls are made.
 Nick's father, Jules, has been poisoning Jewish reputation for decades, I've recently learned. He has poisoned a whole lot more but let's just focus on Jew safety and reputation for the purpose of this here non descript blog business.
If there can be another Hitler, Jules puts every jew in Jeopardy. He not only has taken a path that would please Adolph, but he has dragged in Jewish name after Jewish name. Ravitz,  Andrew Goldman, Libby Waxman, Andy Langer, Elliot Glazer, Shira Lazar... It goes on and on. So many greedy jews willing to pose as journalists if the price is right. DEPRESSING. Most haven't connected the dots but one they do... every Jew will be put under an unfair microscope.
 When, Jules and Nick are behind the rape and plunder of other Jews and even a Holocaust Survivor-- well, that must be some kind of full circle of sorts.
And, on behalf of a half wit godless shisksa from the sewers of Mississipi(sp ?) no less? On behalf of a godless husk such Mathilde "Tig" Notaro such powerful yids will rob good jews blind?
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