Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stef Willen McSweeneys column is not a product of Merit but of Malfeasance, yo.

If someone googles  a StefWillen or Stef Willen they will think she is some scribe who was good enough to get a McSweeney's column. If they read her "column" they will be bored to tears, but they will likely be convinced that just because they don't get it, it doesn't mean it isn't any good.
After all, didn't McSweeneys give her a whole column. What they won't know from any cursory inspection is that the column was a strict result of a contest win. A strict result of Tig Notaro rallying those in her debt to vote for her complicit little lapdog AKA Stef Willen.
Just before Willen would win this contest, she had either reluctantly,or enthusiastically(impossible to be sure,) agreed to sell her soul to the devil to win this gig.
She agreed to bear false witness on behalf of the decrepit devil- otherwise referred to as "Tig Notaro." She agreed to lie to the police and bear false witness against someone who did nothing to her that would remotely justify such a betrayal.
Tig Notaro got busy, as did Nick Kroll and Amy Alkon, and the virtually talent free Willen was able to secure enough votes to get to write tons of stuff for McSweeneys ,and to get to brag about it.
Few could be expected to know the backstory, but many should be offended that Willen's whole "career" has been premised on her willingness to lie and cheat along with Tig Notaro.
Stef Willen has gotten every job, and every gig, due only to her willingness to please the hard, calculating and evil Tig Notaro. Willen is an entitled fool who loves to smear others as she goes about her miserable and destructive existence.
Absent her ability to bear false witness, this column would never exist for her.
Just so ya know, society!
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