Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Huffington Post's senior comedy editor, Carol Hartsell, is corrupt and crappy.

Not only has Carol Hartsell shamelessly promoted a known liar by the very irritating name, "Tig" Notaro, but she has now committed clear cut fraud in the course of her duties.

Here's the deal. For a long time, I had a gut sense that Tig Notaro lied about having cancer. I couldn't bare to listen to her or read the press, but after a few good months after hearing about it, I knew it was false.

Only very recently(two months now) did I have a clue as to why Nick Kroll was listed as a witness, when he was not present, and why he would submit a statement to disgraced and disgusting prosecutor, Martin Boags. That statement was only shown me by my feckless public defender, after trial. I had no idea that Nick Kroll was so involved, and when I did learn this in March of 2010, I had no idea who he was or more importantly- who his father was.

When I did learn who his father was and then about what happened to Ian Puddick in London, two months ago, this led to a very strange and long overdue epiphany.

So many of the why's that were killing me, were suddenly clear. I'd been Puddicked or Krolled. But, he had the money and clout to put up a better fight.

All along, I'd figured that the Lavely and Singer LAPD Threat Management Unit was the most important link. In fact, Kroll told Notaro to use the Lavely and Singer name and then when I didn't die off as expected, he made the calls to get John Gregozek and some other dirty cops to do what they could to preserve the career and assets of his dear friend, Tig Notaro.

Mathilde Notaro had messed up. Had needlessly falsely accused some chick of stalking her and even battering her in a place where witnesses were present. The person she'd falsely accused was not taking it lightly since she was a talented and dignified person who came to L.A to pursue comedy in venues like Largo and the Improv. She wasn't going to just ignore the fact that now some ugly little nut with the name "Tig" had smirked at her before launching into her twisted effort to make her look like some stalking freak who stalked obscure and homely comediannes.

When Notaro refused to cease and desist with her defamation and career destroying efforts, she was sued.

Well, Nick Kroll knew about stuff like that. His father was a master at cover up and discrediting campaigns. And, using law enforcement to use tax payer money to help win wealthy, or well connected clients to destroy the valid civil claims of those they had screwed. Notaro wasn't famous enough to use the press, but she would have if she could. When desperate for money, Nick set her up with the press and other forces, so she could get away with an impressively evil cancer scam.

Soon Notaro's victim was turned into the victimizer, by the frigging state. Or, City, in this case, since they couldn't risk turning no crimes into a felony. That would require a preliminary hearing, and the charges were laughable. They would never survive such a hearing. In a misdemeanor case, however, it was easy. Most had to plea, no mater what. And, if they didn't there were ways to make them. No oversight. Just get the Ed Gaultiers or Phyliss Hendersons or Kelly Boyers or Jennifer Waxler or Martin Boags's or Felise Kalpakians to be on board with fake charges. Soon enough a plea would result, despite facts or common sense or decency...

This Alisa Spitzberg person wasn't powerful or rich and she'd lose if they just kept throwing rocks.

October 16th 2008, and they tell her she has been offered "informal diversion," and how great that is. Such a wonderful plea bargain for someone who has been branded a criminal and a crazy because she wrote some funny stuff about Tig Notaro on Datalounge, after Tig Notaro wouldn't back down from her future destroying Vendetta.  Tig Notaro and her Nick Kroll and then Her Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer counseled her to lie and cheat rather than fess up early and it would have all been history.

I lost focus, once again. I wanted to write about how Carol Hartsell fraudulently presented an article about Tig Notaro's supposed cancer, on August 4th 2012.  Hartsell referenced a blog by some cow with blind ambition- A Kira Hesser.  Well, lo and be hold, more than a year later the Nick Kroll discovery led me to see that the Kira Hesser blog was posted on August 5th 2012.

I even figured that maybe some glitch on Hesser's blog caused it to show up as the 5th. I mentioned it to Carol Hartsell via the Huffington Post website and what did she do in response? She changed the time stamp.

Well, she's not too sharp. Because, I kept a copy, and the referencing of that Blog was done by a good five people elsewhere on the internet. All plant types sent to promote Tig Notaro's money and face saving cancer scheme.

So, America, Europe, Africa, or whomever may come upon this blog, someday, or today...

Carol Hartsell not only engaged in  a fraud that was used to take money from the public, but when told that I know, she changed the timestamp to cover up. Which makes it even more sure that Kira Hessers blog was written on August fifth and the fact that hired trolls were all over the internet on August fourth, shilling that non existent blog post.... SHENANIGANS. Note too how that comedy section in the Huffington Post pushes the same lousy comedians, over and over again.
All because of Kroll, I kid you not.

The Huffington Post's Comedy section is no more than a Kroll devised shill machine. You stink, Carol Hartsell. You sold your sold to the devil, and I'd bet you weren't even compensated much.

And, Kira Hesser, you are just plain gross. Such a fan you are of the Kroll show too. eh?  Mouth breathing strangers in the dark?

I'd bet you weren't there at all. I'd bet it was a weird set that no one would have discussed had there not been a set up in effect. And, I figured out almost entirely how the set up went until august third and then how certain cynical creeps in the press then allowed cancerous but not stricken with cancer Notaro to keep up the charade until....

Of course it's sad that I have to spend one second on such dirty tricks and dirty people, but this Nick Kroll gave Tig Notaro the capacity to decimate my name, my finances, my future, and it just can't stand.

Keep posted if you find stories of scams involving Ira Glass, Terry Gross, Louis CK, Lance Armstrong, Mark Flanagan, Micheal Griffee, Ed Helms, Bill Burr, Mary Lynn Raskub, Sarah Silverman, Beth Redick, Nick Kroll et al ... interesting.

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