Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bono Beware

Gay but very pernicious Nick Kroll has recently told Bono to Watch his back. US magazine is not interested in how scary that is and refers to this chilling threat as a "quip." You see, Nick Kroll, want fame and success real bad and getting to sell the pretense that he is dating Amy Poehler is one of the ways in which the unfunny and hard on the eyes fellow wants to fast track his fraud comedy career. Why Ms. Peohler has agreed to this is sad. I actually rode in van with her a few times, when I was her double on the UCB show, about ten years ago, and she seemed like a good egg.

But, I guess ambition got the best of her or Nick has threatened her....Kroll can make one phone call and she could be sent to Patton for life, or Prison... It's not pretty. When his easy in to quickie comedy fame, Tig Notaro, comes a calling Nick Kroll will do anything to keep her happy.

Before you know it you are Ian Pudicked beyond your wildest nightmares. Or, Richard Changed or Montalvo'd (RIP LAPD officer and hero Jacqueline Montalvo,)

Oh well I feel that good old Bono is wealthy enough, and known enough to be safe from the malignant cancer of a weasel that is Nick Kroll.
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