Saturday, January 18, 2014

No talent sociopath, Stef Willen, tries again to con her way into the arts

When I had the grave misfortune of meeting Stef Willen, in 2007, she'd whine to me about how frustrated she was by Amy Alkon's success.  It drove the already insane Willen crazy that someone with so little talent would thrive while she rotted. Well, there is some unpleasant irony to that, when you consider that Stef Willen not only has no talent, but is so low as to lie in courts of law and under oath to fix writing contests.  She is so low that she will bear false witness against somebody if doing so will get her a credit for her paltry IMDB page.

And, not only is she evil and talentless, but she is completely unfunny and yet keeps trying to be, and she has the sociopathic nerve to pass off the contest she won by fraud as a credit. Willen never won any job or contest due to merit. Everything she's ever achieved in her adult life is due to her partner in crime deal with cancer scammer and menace to society, Tig Notaro. The only thing Willen is gifted at is manipulating good people and using others to get her way.

Now, she wrote some humorless drivel gay crap for some publication, and she cites her ill gotten gains as a bio.  How this humorless and depraved dyke thinks she's going to screw over real talents to get to the middle is a mystery. But, it appears that she will use her gayness as an in. What a dangerously pathetic creature is Stef Laurel Willen.
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