Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grammy nominee for best comedy album, Tig Notaro, can't keep one story straight.

 Just saw the Kira Hesser from the mouth of Tig Notaro time of diagnosis. Would anyone keep forgetting such a big date? I have seen Notaro lie and lie and change her story is crazy ways, and she gets away with it. For how long?

From Kira Hesser's blog flame like me:

 Applause gave way to reticent laughter as she explained how she had planned a set about bees flying alongside her car on the 405, but that she couldn’t possibly do her “silly jokes” when all this was going on. And that’s when she told us that 3 days ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, in both breasts.


NPR  would have Notaro on, in time for October’s Cancer Awareness month, but apparently not in time to pin down the story.

Ira Glass of NPR:A few hours after learning her diagnosis, she went onstage. “

Notaro on her podcast and to Entertainment Weekly: The day before I did the set,  I learned the stage of the Cancer.

Notaro to the guardian: four days before she learned the stage.

Time magazine- hours after her cancer diagnosis she went on stage.

Wikipedia: “A day before .”

To Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air: Maybe a week before, or maybe a day before in reference to told she had cancer, and the staging.

I was very nervous. I was rattled, and I felt raw, and I felt very vulnerable. Even though I had been diagnosed maybe a week prior to that, it was only maybe the day before the show that I had met with my doctor, who told me that I had stage 2 breast cancer and that the tumor on the left side was invasive and that because the cancer was not contained, their fear was that it had possibly spread to my lymph nodes.
 To Andrew Goldman of The New York Times: I was diagnosed with cancer on July 25th (2012)
Note: If I performed a set that got press and acclaim, I think I’d remember how soon after I did the set. Bilateral Cancer is rare. I wonder how rare it is to have bilateral breast cancer with stage two in both breasts… 
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