Monday, January 20, 2014

Ha ha Harris Wittels shows his sickening true colors- Gawker article is tasteeeee.

Harris Wittels wins the prize for the luckiest hypocrite. This is the same hairball of a man, that gleefully went around spreading lies about a talented and dignified person. Lies that really ruin lives and that successfully caused a world of such damage. Lies that led to massive fraud and abuse in the criminal courts, and to a world of lies and cover up in the civil courts.

 Now, he's all hurt by being called out as an over-compensated dud. What an awful little ho he is to not take criticism with gratitude. I'm serious, in this case his reaction is so much more obscene than can be grasped in this crappy blog post. If I get up the energy, I'll attempt to explain how rotten is Harris Wittels, and how he has no right to ever discuss others karma.

I hope some Gawker person reads this, and finds out that Harris Wittels is a Kroll creation. Is Sue Kroll of Warner Brothers his aunt- The sister of Jules? If so, that goes far to explain why so many unfunny assholes are bound for......massive press support initiatives. ahem.

What a strange cabal of unattractive and untalented "comedians" getting ahead cause of that one atrocious Nick Kroll. It's not lost on me, how hard to swallow, are allegations of a sort of comedy conspiracy. But, I'm telling you... something very funky is going on, and it goes past the acceptable amounts of nepotism to be found in Hollywood etc.
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