Monday, January 20, 2014

When Bad Rich Kids Attack: Martin Boags, Nick Kroll, and Scott Boxenbaum,2463077

Kind of galling when children of privilege rip off taxpayers so they can't somehow impress their daddy's. Or, in Martin Boags's case- he ruined his father, Judge Charles Boags, and despite his severe moral turpitude issues, he was allowed to become a pathologically malicious deputy city attorney.

There is no doubt, that he strove to be a DA, but it was bad enough to allow him to fix misdemeanor cases in ways that shock the conscience, they were wise enough to keep his liability restricted to malicious misdemeanor prosecutions. No Martin Luther King this Martin Boags monster. That's for sure. Well, he's now facing what appears to be surreal levels of Karma. He has ended up in Van Nuys with only a sister Lisa left.

I hope every time he says the name Lisa he thinks of what he did to an Alisa and her family.

Just thinking about what this Martin Boags was capable of and how Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge Karla Kerlin, Robert Vanderet, and Judge Maria Stratton allowed him to get away with in Case 8CA10541 fills me with such levels of outraged disgust.  And, all due to the machinations of another Machievellian louse named Nick Kroll. Machiavellian louse seems a deficient way to describe this  humorless psychopath, and star of Jules's Kroll's newest comedy central venture, " The Kroll Show."

Calling this lizard faced sewer sludge - "Machievellian," makes him seem too important. On the surface, comedy fans would see a terrible comedian who has no talent when it comes to doing characters. They would never guess that Nick Kroll has set into motion a very depressing and cynical effort to appear successful.

One of the things Nick Kroll did in order to appear successful in comedy, is to cultivate pawns. He didn't want to pay any real dues, and he figured if he teamed up with the Largo crowd, he'd have a fast track to impressing Papa Jules with his business savvy. He's admitted often that he didn't want to be a comedian in college and that his father is proud of him because he sees comedy as a business. Back to the cultivation of successful comedians as a business strategy.  So, my luck is that when Tig Notaro made a mess of things by coming up with bizarre false accusations, Nick Kroll, saw an opportunity. He would hook her up with his contacts in LA and she'd win no matter what.

And, so it went and went and went. I had no idea why Nick Kroll was on the restraining order, as a witness, when he was never present. Why was Tig Notaro listing him as a witness to tons of things that NEVER HAPPENED. And, I couldn't understand why he'd written the most vicious and false witness statement, and submitted them to Martin Boags pre-trial.  Had I not had all those brave witnesses and that decent judge-- Nick Kroll's intensive efforts to have me railroaded could have resulted in me serving 7 years in jail. Instead, all the charges were dropped in very rare dispositions. Dispositions that indicate that Judge Randolph Moore saw what was up. He looked at Notaro with sheer disgust when she strutted in smirking at all the damage little old her could cause a more talented and attractive person.

I figured for over four years, that Nick Kroll was just an ugly and untalented kid, who was overtaken by Tig Notaro's mad ability to bully the geeks she surrounds herself with.

And, I had no idea how it was possible that in October of 2008 a Scott Boxenbaum(a guy I'd seen lurking around the "comedy scene," and who struck me as a bad vibe,) had come on a message board on the comedy site, "A special Thing," and had made a concerted campaign to tell anyone reading to make sure I couldn't perform comedy in the lesser comedy clubs in L.A. Boxenbaum had urged any club owners, or those who ran shows to ban and shun me if I ever came by. I have all the posts I saw saved but I can't even share it yet. It's too ugly and brutal.

You see, Nick and Notaro had made sure I never showed my stuff in Largo and Improv, but they knew they had to demonize me quick, or I could make them look very bad.  Stef Willen was sure I'd be a big star. She'd also heard great things from a Tracy Whitaker about my humor potential, and so Notaro made sure she did what she could to make that impossible.

I am the antithesis of a the creepy stalker they created- and so they got into gear to make sure that a false impression was spread far and wide, before that impression could be effectively disputed.

So, Nick Kroll knew the loser son of Chuck and Kharlene Boxenbaum, A Scott Boxenbaum, would take care of that. Nick Kroll only enlisted a few others, and soon a Harris Wittels was showing up too on this far out message boards, and making up life destroying lies too. How very nice.

Well, then it gets more complicated as you learn about Ian Puddick and Richard Chang, and how ruthless are the Krolls. How far they could get with no truth on their side. How they can make one phone call and bury you alive.

 Then, you dig deeper and realize that Nick Kroll's whole appearance of success is a seamy fa├žade. As is the hype around cancer scammer and general menace to decent society, Tig Notaro.  All a big fat sham, but one that keeps enriching these evil people, and those that are too scared or too ambitious to step up to this very dirty plate.

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