Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Kroll Show, much more unfunny than you can imagine. Starring unfunny menace to society, Tig Notaro, and John Gregozek

It has recently come to my attention that Nick Kroll was the worst villain in my wretched case. And, I do resent it. So funny when some phony creatures come and call me "bitter" or "crazy"  ... as a means to shut me up. I laugh and say, " Oh yeah, I'm super bitter." And, I know I'm super sane too!

 Anyone would be bitter, and often I do baste in bile. And, anyone would do what they could to expose Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll as the evil lying scumbags they are. I mean these two are capable of anything. No moral compass at all. And, they have ruined lives, and done so with glee. There careers and the press surrounding them is all manufactured in the most cynical way imaginable. I have uncovered a pandoras box of press whores.... that will blow your minds.

Still, to bring these satans to justice will be hard. Satan used in a silly way not a scary satan way. When you are ruled by ruthless ambition and you enjoy hurting people you can go far.  Here's a little divine dot connection. I understand that this info has been helpful to certain justice seeking types.


The Wikispooks Ian Puddick link is the most relevant to my case, but the stuff about forensic testing is the scariest, and most pressing Kroll problem. Give it a read, folks.

Anyway, the insane twists related to my grotesque nemesis, "Tig" Notaro, continue. For very shady reasons, this desiccated lesbian monstrosity is slated to win the grammy for a cancer set. And, for a long while,  I suspected she way lying, but felt there was no way to be sure. I suspected her of lying because I know for a fact that she is a compulsive liar who will create big and ugly lies just for kicks.

It started when I went to a comedy show to see two performers, and Tig Notaro saw me and set in motion some inexplicable vendetta.  Her friend Leslie Spann knows of what I speak. As do many who were manipulated and lied to by Notaro.

By all indications, before faking cancer was the career move of choice, she thought faking a stalker was a smart move. And, so one day she pretended that I'd pushed her and verbally abused her at some distant time. She then had me removed from Largo with the false impression that i was her violent stalker.

Hmmm. Well, that's not cool if you consider that I am the last thing from a stalker and I am not violent. And, if i was some sad stalker I certainly would not stalk the likes of this homely mediocrity. But seriously, I've never written a fan letter and I've never remotely bugged anyone much less stalked them. But, she knows that .

 I found out that she was taking measures to have me banned from any comedy club. In October, 2008.Nick Kroll her gay and vicious pal, even sent desperate shleppers Harris Wittels and Scott Boxenbaum to go on A special Thing Message board to tell club owners and comedians that I must be shunned and banned. An incredibly ugly hard to believe scene where I'm 38 y.o and suddenly in the worst high school bullying by no talent comedians who have no clue about me. I'd never met them and visa versa. Later, Notaro, would slip in Chris Fairbanks, Thomas Sharpe, and Kjell Bjorgen on a restraining order. She swore they were her roomates and I had to be legally restrained from them, though of course I'd never been to her home... Well, now I figured out why she did this. Kroll advised her that this way If I went to do comedy and they were there I'd have no idea and she could get me arrested. That is how sick she and he are.

When I had no recourse, other than to take  this to a court and sue her for defamation, she and the Kroll machine got into gear.  False criminal charges were filed in retaliation. Then, the story is big enough for a book or two, and it is cooking.

Why? Why would Notaro target me for a series of vicious false accusations where the goal seemed to be to have been banned from comedy clubs?
Of course, that's my question too. As a person with a huge degree of guilt, if I say something very mildly unkind, I can't answer it fully. But, I can guess. And, to answer it best, I'd have to toot my own horn by telling you how a Stef Willen tooted my horn like crazy to this Tig . This must have put Tig Notaro in some crazed tizzy. Why else would she smirk at me, and then have security remove me when I never went near her or intended to, and she knows it. She followed me and she approached me as I sat by the bar. ask Leslie Spann. She was there. Strangely, she made sure Leslie Spann went missing when the investigator was on the case in January 2009.

Notaro's own agent(at the time) Heidi Feigin confirmed this. Nothing. Nada. No approach. No words. Yet, Notaro swore under oath to Judge Gerald Rosenberg that I "got in her face and said dyke bitch cunt." She then swore to bunch more lies. And, she couldn't keep any of the lies straight, but when you have Nick Kroll making phone calls, that didn't matter. Her connection to Nick Kroll made her capable of doing anything to anyone, and she took advantage of that. Ian Puddick's story is nearly identical to mine.

 Here's a link to a whopper of a lie that she has gotten away with. She waves around an appeal that she won by fraud and Kroll power and her Lawyer even put me and my sister facing the cops here: Check it out.http://henypire.blogspot.com/2013/03/check-this-out-hilary-redmon-john.html

Why would Notaro do something so nuts as to put Heidi Feigin as a key witness to something that never happened? It is likely that Nick Kroll is so twisted that he advised Notaro to use Heidi Feigin, as a false witness, because she was Hollywood -- would be willing to bear false witness for a client. Alas, and thank god- Nick read that one wrong. Nick Kroll, however, was willing to bear false witness, and he was willing to have people damaged beyond belief for no reason other than he saw Notaro as real quick way to comedy connections, and he wanted her to owe him. I was so mystified for years about this Kroll guy-- Why the hell was he saying he was there when he wasn't? Why was he saying he saw our car full of "beer bottles" when we never had a beer bottle in our car EVER. Why was he creating false scenes  that would try to fill in the massive holes in the prosecutions case? Only maybe three months ago did I see some article and in it -- "Kroll Securities."

I imagined it was a common enough name. Still, about a week later I googled it. Then, soon enough I learned who Nick Kroll was, and who his father and mother and brother are. NO WONDER NO LAW WAS FOLLOWED IN MY CASE. No wonder he submitted that vile bunch of lies to the prosecutors right before trial. What a rabbit hole that was.

A crappy lawyer I had to get, said " Notaro is commandeering the legal system and it has to stop." but he was too scared to stop it cause Kroll was scaring everyone off. They kept hinting at things but they thought I was a big mouth and so they wouldn't tell me the real reason that "tig notaro is commandeering the legal system."

Soon after screwing me and my family over in epic ways, Nick Kroll was an insider at Largo, and given his own show there. Soon, you can tell by IMDB he was on his way to faked comedy success. No need for looks or talent or any due payments when you are born to Jules Kroll's newest estate.

I'm compiling some more Tig Notaro cancer lies because frankly I want this sick sack of crap to be seen as the liar she is, so I can return to some measure of normalcy. Any attempt to shut me up by calling me obsessed, or a loon, or whatever the fuck one says when they can't dispute what you are saying-- won't have any effect, I assure you. Only things that are true are truly hurtful, I've learned. When someone hurls lies it just gets to feel tiring and annoying, after a while.

If many knew how far and low Nick Kroll and Notaro went....

Here's the first part of my,  why me and God don't want Notaro to win any grammy, series:  http://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/01/should-tig-notaro-win-grammy-for-best.html
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